How CIOs Can Find Time to Think Strategically

From blogs to 'beer lists,' there are tricks for carving out time to think about creating competitive advantage for your business

Your day is already jam-packed and long. Yet every pundit says you need to be more strategic. How do you find the time to think strategically about positioning your business to gain and sustain competitive advantage?

At a recent meeting of the Society for Information Management's Advanced Practices Council (APC), successful CIOs shared their techniques for carving out time to think strategically.

Make It a Habit

Two APC members book time on their calendars--one for after business hours and the other for before business hours--for strategic thinking. Another makes sure he works offsite at least one day per week to avoid getting brought into tactical issues. One member uses his time in a scheduled spinning class to ask himself strategic questions such as, "What did I miss?"

Meet With Colleagues

Many CIOs sponsor IT summits to encourage strategic thinking among IT managers and, in some cases, all IT staff. Adrian Gardner, CIO of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, seeks out ideas from strategic thinkers and makes sure to include staff with less than two years of tenure in IT strategy sessions.

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