Facebook Employees React to IPO on Facebook

What did those in the middle of the action have to say about Facebook's historic IPO? Take a look at some of their Facebook posts.

Today marked a historic day for tech startups—and Facebook employees—as the $104 billion social network officially went public. Here's how some of them reacted on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO


Today was a big day for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who took his social network project from a dorm at Harvard to the Nasdaq. After ringing the opening bell this morning, Zuckerberg posted a special status update on Facebook.

Eduardo Saverin, Facebook Cofounder


Saverin, who has taken some heat in the last week for renouncing his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying taxes on his IPO payout, took time to reflect on Facebook's humble beginnings. Below his message, he posts a screenshot of the original "TheFacebook.com."

Tim Campos, Facebook CIO


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Ji Lee, Creative Director at Facebook


Charlie Taylor, Facebook Account Manager


Francis Luu, Facebook Product Designer

Luu uploaded a Facebook album showcasing highlights of today's news. Below, an employee catches Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg preparing to ring the Nasdaq bell.


In another post on Luu's Facebook page, he writes, "We stand, applaud and thank Mark for the opportunities he's given us."

Bret Taylor, Facebook Chief Technology Officer


Jocelyn Goldfein, Engineer at Facebook


Perhaps my favorite, from Facebook engineer Jocelyn Goldfein: With the hefty paydays some Facebook employees are expected to receive, 5 a.m. is all but a memory.

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