The How-To Guide to Windows 8

From a rundown of Windows 8 multi-touch interface features to enterprise upgrade challenges to Microsoft's homemade Surface Windows 8 devices,'s Ultimate Guide for Windows 8 covers it all. Our guide delivers expert reviews, advice on planning and rollout, opinion pieces and analysis of Microsoft's latest version of Windows.

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Windows 8 in the Enterprise

Windows 8

Windows 8 First Impressions for CIOs and IT Pros

Microsoft's new operating system has received mixed early reviews. Get past the missing Start menu and the 'ribbonized' File Explorer, though, and you'll likely find a faster OS that should make workers more productive -- especially if you give them new Windows 8 tablets.

Which Windows 8 Version is Right for Your Small Business?

Regardless of whether your business is Fortune 500 big or mom-and-pop small, transitioning to a new operating system is a major endeavor--and a major headache. There's a reason why so many companies still use Windows XP, after all. So when you do bite the bullet, you want to make sure you're picking an operating system that meets all your needs.

Who Wants a Windows Tablet? 200 Million Workers, That's Who

Microsoft is in the smartphone and tablet doghouse in the enterprise. But a global survey by Forrester shows there is a surprisingly strong desire for Windows tablets among the worldwide workforce.

Windows 8 Tablets in the Enterprise: The Pros and Cons

Windows 8 may conquer previous tablet limitations with larger screens, access to the full Office suite, more controlled security features and compatibility with legacy apps. However, there are also drawbacks, says research firm Gartner.

Windows 8 Beats Out iOS and Android at Seton Hall

In a world where iPads and Android devices are the rage, Seton Hall University bucked the BYOD trend and opted for Windows 8 tablets and ultrabooks for students and faculty, even though the OS doesn't ship officially until October. Why did the university go all in on Windows 8?

Will Windows 8 Be the Client OS That IT Loves Best?

Speakers at Microsoft TechEd touted the virtues of the upcoming Windows 8. No surprise there -- except the speakers were using Windows 8 on tablets, with nary a desktop in sight. Will the strength of Windows 8 on tablets finally get IT and end users on the same BYOD page?

Enterprise Upgrades: Five Reasons to Focus on Windows 7 not Windows 8

Because the radically redesigned Windows 8 will struggle to gain acceptance with consumers and businesses, Windows XP shops should focus on Windows 7 upgrades now, and not wait for Windows 8 to mature, says research firm Gartner.

Is Windows 8 the Answer to Consumerization of IT Woes?

When it comes to post-PC computing, Apple's iPad has taken a commanding lead in the enterprise. However, will the security, networking and management features of Microsoft's Windows 8, slated for release next month, help Microsoft tablets take a bite out of Apple in the enterprise?

Windows 8 Pro: Features IT Pros Need to Know About

Most of the attention on Windows 8 and Windows RT has involved consumer features and the Metro UI. But the Windows 8 Pro version offers security and virtualization features tailor-made for IT organizations.

Windows XP to Windows 8: Don't Go There

Both Microsoft and industry analysts discourage businesses using Windows XP from skipping Windows 7. The key reason: XP support is likely to expire before Windows 8 is ready for deployment. Research firm Gartner provides guidance for XP holdouts.

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