6 tips for ITIL implementation success

ITIL adoption requires more than software and tools. You need a bold strategy that aligns IT service with corporate goals and encourages employee and stakeholder buy-in.

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IT service management (ITSM) best practice framework ITIL was introduced in the late 1980s as a way to streamline governmental IT practices in the UK. The framework has since been acquired by Axelos, which has released updated versions of the framework aimed at modernizing how organizations align IT services with business objectives. The latest iteration, ITIL 4, started rolling out in early 2019 with an emphasis on agile practices and bringing more flexibility to the framework to accommodate the modern pace of enterprise technology.

For organizations already versed with ITIL, many of the best practices for ITIL 4 remain the same as in ITIL v3. Either way, making the most of this latest iteration of ITIL — and its stronger emphasis on agile processes — takes preparation and finesse. The following six tips will help ensure your ITIL implementation plan is seamless and successful.

1. Realize that people are the key to successful ITIL adoption

Although ITSM helps manage technology and IT processes, people are at the heart of ITIL. You can’t successfully adopt ITIL without capable workers who not only are well versed in ITIL best practices but have a deep understanding of the business as a whole, including how business processes and technology outside of IT impact various departments.

“Organizations definitely need ongoing internal resources with a deep understanding of ITIL who can lead the charge day to day, and answer questions along the way. These resources can be either hired from the outside or trained from the inside, but whoever is in this role should fervently believe in ITIL and be able to sell it internally. The ITIL lead resources can make or break the whole initiative,” says Andrew Amrhein, a senior technology leader focused on IT strategy and delivery.

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