How to Retool Your IT Skills for the Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming IT operations and management, but the transition for IT professionals doesn't have to be difficult or daunting. Here, cloud computing experts explain how IT professionals can adapt their skillsets for the cloud and the impact cloud computing will have on five different IT jobs.

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"A lot of IT organizations, especially at very large companies, have been used to using the largest of the large consultants, outsourcing suppliers, software vendors and hardware vendors. 80 percent of their spend is with the very large providers," says Nichols. "When you move to the cloud, you'll have a lot of small companies providing services in ways that haven't been done before."

Second, contracts and payment schemes will be different, notes Golden. Vendor managers will need to know what happens if their company's user base doubles, how that will impact pricing, he says. They'll also need to sort through compliance issues, such as data privacy and security.

The Song Remains the Same

As much as cloud computing transforms traditional IT operations and roles, plenty of activities remain the same, which helps to ease the transition for IT professionals. Infrastructure, applications and vendors still need to be managed and monitored.

Whether you're in a role that cloud computing changes a little or a lot, Fafel's advice for reskilling yourself for the cloud is the same: "Don't fear it. Embrace it. Learn as much as you can, and that way you can secure your career going forward."

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