by Dan Muse

The State of the CIO 2016 by the numbers

Feb 08, 2016
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From compensation trends to interacting with marketing to the biggest IT challenges to security budgets, looks at the State of the CIO by the numbers.

We know you’re busy and sometimes you just want to get straight to the numbers — without our pesky interviews and analysis clouding the facts. While we certainly hope you take the time to read our full report on the State of the CIO 2016, titled “Transformational CIOs juggle innovation and operations,” we decided to put together an abridged version in downloadable PDF form, so you can skip straight to the quantifiable data.

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In “State of the CIO: Just the Facts,” you’ll find 12 charts that highlight trends in CIO compensation, how marketing tech is changing the CIO role, how much enterprises plan to invest in security, what the CEO wants from you, job satisfaction, hiring challenges and more.

And for a complete look at the State of the CIO 2016, which includes supporting columns by publisher Adam Dennison and me (and we know you don’t want to miss those), as well as coverage of issues surrounding both strategic and tactical IT decision-making, download our January 2016 digital magazine.

For even more State of the CIO coverage,  you can also check out an executive summary from our research department.

Our collection of 12 charts, featuring key data points from the 2016 State of the CIO report.