Forrester: Tech Changes to Expect in Next 3 Years

Business Intelligence tools, mobile apps and cloud application platforms are areas that will evolve and create significantly more business value between today and 2014, according to a new Forrester report on enterprise technology trends.

"The only constant is change," said the great science-fiction author and biochemist Isaac Asimov. And few industries change as rapidly as the technology space.

On the enterprise side, where slimmed-down IT budgets, economic downturns and traditional thinking can stifle change, evolving technologies and the necessary strategies to address those changes still persist at a rapid clip.

In a recent Forrester report entitled "The Top 10 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014", the research firm gauged 208 IT executives with knowledge of their companies' technology strategies to see what areas they expect to change most during the next three years.

The survey also asked about the areas in which these IT execs expect to see the most business value in the next three years. Business intelligence (BI), mobile apps and application platforms won out as the top three areas for change and increased business value.

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Other leading areas where change is on the horizon, according to Forrester: data governance, application integration and Infrastructure-as-a-service (i.e. cloud computing).

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