Hot Products from DEMOfall '11

New products that help you to screen job applicants, improve customer service and even build yourself a tomb.


Here's a handy preview of the hottest products making their debut at this year's DEMOfall show in Silicon Valley. The selections this year predictably run the gamut, from platforms that augment reality in 3D, to apps that let you bypass annoying customer service hotlines, to websites that help you build your own virtual tomb.


Aurasma 3D-I

There's no other way to describe this product other than "incredibly freaking cool." Aurasma is an augmented reality program that recognizes more than 500,000 real-world objects, images or places and provides you with content on your tablet or smartphone directly related to those images. So let's say you're at a bookshop and you see the latest George RR Martin book. By focusing your tablet or smartphone on the book cover, the software will recognize it and perhaps then show you a short video summarizing the book's contents. The app is currently free for the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 and Android devices.


DailyDigital Facebook Storefronts

By now, just about every company has a Facebook page to promote their products or services. But DailyDigital is trying to help you go a step further by letting you embed a storefront directly onto your Facebook page to let users buy directly from you over Facebook. And the best part of this new storefront interface? According to DailyDigital it doesn't require any coding. Rather DailyDigital handles managing your storefront's compatibility with different platforms, browsers and devices.

demofall2011_4-100343875-orig.jpg is like a more social version of Hulu where users can not only make schedules to watch their favorite TV shows but also "read news and socially interact with all of the content and other users who are doing the same." And like any good social networking site, lets you friend other users so you'll have a weekly group of fellow viewers to watch shows with.



Ever since you were a kid, you've probably found trying on clothes in a department store changing room to be a drag. Fitting Reality's new VIPodium augmented reality program, however, let's you see what you'll look like in new clothes without having to go some place to put them on. As the company says, the program "identifies the physical outlines of a person and fits it to his or her body" so you can see yourself "in real-time 3D clothing."



Gimme! is a mobile application that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to get immediate cash back discounts from sales receipts without presenting physical coupons or vouchers. And unlike, say, Groupon, Gimme! wants its business clients to be repeat customers who are hopefully "dramatically increasing lifetime customer value through discounts and rewards."



Hold-Free may soon become the very best friend that both consumers and businesses have ever found. The reason? It eliminates the extremely annoying process of calling customer service hotlines, punching in a multitude of numbers and then listening to Kenny G for 20 minutes before being connected. Essentially, the mobile app lets you schedule customer service calls that inform customer service reps of when you'd like to be called. As soon as a representative is available, they receive a message telling them that they should connect with you. Additionally, the app lets you specify what your call is regarding to, thus bypass sitting through millions of menu options.


I-Tomb and I-Memorial

While it's not something many of us like thinking about, we will all die someday. And when that happens, I-Tomb and I-Memorial will help us leave behind virtual tombstones and memorials that friends and relatives can use to remember and pay tribute to us. I-Memorial is particularly interesting since it allows you to create a "multimedia autobiography" as well as store "personal messages, bank account numbers and passwords securely during your lifetime." I-Tomb is more designed for the living to create virtual tombs that stand as tributes to their loved ones who have passed away.


Here's a nifty search engine for icons that bills itself as "the perfect tool for optimizing the time-consuming process of finding high quality icons." The search engine currently has nearly 160,000 icons uploaded and allows users to upload and tag their own icons to help build the search database.



SmartDonuts is a social networking application that combines the terrific interface of Facebook and Twitter with the privacy of a personal text message. The key benefit is that you can send messages to Facebook friends or share news and pictures with select contact groups without actually sharing that information on the Web.



Think of this recommendation engine as "Wine Snobbery for Beginners." TasteJive provides you with recommendations for different wines you might like based upon the types you've tried before as well as "relatable images and phrases to express wines as experiences& mapping it to places, music, food and other pop culture references." So if you've ever wanted to try a wine that tastes like a bullfight, this site will likely help you find one.


MeMeTales Publishing Platform

If you're sick of reading your children "The Ugly Duckling" for the millionth time, you can create your own illustrated children's stories or buy someone else's from the new MeMeTales platform. This program is essentially a do-it-yourself story creator and finder that will let you buy and read new children's stories right over your phone or tablet.


ModiFace Virtual Makeover and Dressing Room

Just as VIPodium tries to help you envision your wardrobe before you buy it, Modiface tries to help you see your face before you go through with a full makeover. The way it works is very similar: You upload a picture of your own face onto the HTML-based program and you try out different hair styles, makeup and skin-care products. You can access Modiface through either standard or mobile Web browsers.



Me&MyMoney is a personal money management program that can provide personal income and spending projections and provide tips and lessons, as well as community support, to help users improve their financial planning and decision-making. The company's founders say the program was specifically designed for "for the 40 million households with income between $40k and $120k per year, which make up the working backbone of America."



This is a pretty nifty money-saver that scours multiple local oil companies in your area and brings you back the best deal for oil delivery at a given time. The company also gives you points for both buying oil through the site and for inviting other people to join that can be used to save money on future purchases of oil. The company claims its neighbors save an average of 34% on their heating bills every winter as well.



PlayKast goes beyond YouTube by creating so-called "engagement templates" that the company says help "enable content creators to transform online video into an interactive, social experience" where online communities can "increase participation, promote viral distribution and develop new content." Put another way, Playkast looks like YouTube with more hands-on capabilities for users to collaborate on videos.



Have you ever longed to have Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia or Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning yell at you while you're working out? Well even if you haven't you'll soon be able to with Poosh, a new app that "sends daily motivational text messages designed by elite athletes to provide our users with daily motivation" to keep you exercising. This app is similar to the text2quit application that helps remind smokers to stay away from cigarettes.



This is a cloud-based technology that's designed to help businesses make smarter hires. The key feature of Unrabble is to automate "core hiring tasks" such as "automatically ranking top candidates based on skills and verifying claims made through social networks." For anyone who has ever wasted time doing extensive interviews with candidates who have overly puffed up their résumés, this software could be a blessing.