by Jim Lynch

iPad Pro: How to use the split keyboard in iOS

Mar 09, 2016

Yes, you can use the split keyboard in iOS on the iPad Pro. But you'll have to adjust to the Zoomed view instead of the Standard one if you want use it.

Many owners of the iPad Pro have quickly fallen in love with Apple’s big tablet. But over and over again I hear some of them lamenting that there’s no way to use the split keyboard on the iPad Pro. This isn’t true at all, however.

You can use the split keyboard on the iPad Pro, and I’ll show you how to do it in this tip. But in order to enable the split keyboard, you’ll have to switch your iPad Pro’s display settings to the Zoomed view. 

How to use the split keyboard in iOS on the iPad Pro

Here’s how to enable the split keyboard in iOS on the iPad Pro by changing to the Zoomed view:

1. Tap on the Settings app.

2. Tap on Display & Brightness.

3. Tap on View.

4. Tap on Zoomed.

5. Tap on Set to switch your iPad Pro to Zoomed mode.

6. Your iPad Pro will restart.

7. After your iPad Pro restarts, pull up the keyboard in any app.

8. Press on the keyboard button at the bottom right and tap on “Split.”

Now you’ll find that anytime you use the iPad Pro’s on-screen keyboard, it will be the usual split keyboard instead of the merged one.

zoomed view ipad pro

Zoomed view isn’t for everybody but it’s better than nothing

Now I fully understand that not everybody who owns an iPad Pro is going to want to switch to the Zoomed view to use the split keyboard. But it’s the best option we have right now. Hopefully Apple will fix its error and add the split keyboard to the Standard view in a future iOS update.

Personally, I don’t mind using the Zoomed view at all. My eyes aren’t what they used to be so the Zoomed view makes everything much easier for me to see on the iPad Pro. And I like the fact that there’s not as much space between icons on the home screen too. So I was quite happy to make the switch from Standard view to Zoomed.

split keyboard ipad pro

I recommend at least trying the Zoomed view if you need to use the split keyboard. Even if you’re not a fan of it initially, you might find it growing on you as you use it for a while. And it’s really your only option right now if you want a split keyboard.

I hope the folks at Apple are paying attention to this issue, however. There’s no valid reason that I can think of for not letting folks who use the Standard view from accessing the split keyboard. It should be added as soon as possible in a future update to iOS.

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