7 Ways to Use HP Touchpads After They Stop Working

Hewlett-Packard's announcement that it is discontinuing its Touchpad set off a $99 fire sale. But without HP's full attention and support from developers, these devices won't live long. However, they can still be useful even after they're useless as a tech device. Here are some ideas.


As a Frisbee

Grab the dog and some friends and bring your new Touchpad frisbee to the beach!


As a Ping Pong Paddle

Work up some killer topspin using your Touchpad ping pong paddle.


As a Champagne and Hors D'oeuvres Serving Tray

It may not be able to serve up cool applications anymore, but there's no reason it can't serve up cool appetizers and sparkling bubbly.


As a Fake iPad

If you can't afford a real iPad, you can still impress the cool kids at Starbucks with your "iPad."

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As a Cutting Board

Slice up some chicken skewers or tuna tartare on the new HP Cutpad.


As a Skipping Stone

Take it to the lake and try to break your personal record. 20 skips!


As a Giant Coaster

A nice resting place for your pint glass as you cry in your beer over the death of WebOS.

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