BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 5 Worthy Downloads's Al Sacco recommends another round of great applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, including apps for e-reading, social networking, keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams and scores and more.


You can never have too many BlackBerry PlayBook applications. And though valuable, quality apps for Research In Motion's (RIM) first tablet PC aren't exactly plentiful at this point, they can be found with a bit of effort. That's where I come in. I'm constantly perusing RIM's mobile app store, BlackBerry App World, for the latest and greatest software, and this next batch is sure to please; each and every one is worthy of a home on your tablet.

(Note: You must employ BlackBerry App World with a valid BlackBerry ID to download the apps spotlighted in this post. Find more information on BlackBerry ID on RIM's Website.)

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Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Waaaay back in September of 2010, announced that it would offer a Kindle e-reader app for RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Unfortunately, the company hasn't yet fulfilled that promise. But thanks to Amazon's recently released Kindle Cloud Reader Web app, you can now access your library of Kindle books on RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The app runs in your PlayBook browser, and it has a few "quirks"—specifically, it doesn't work well in landscape mode—but it gets the job done.

Find more information on Kindle Cloud Reader on Amazon's Website. And pop on over to for tips on using Cloud Reader on the PlayBook.


Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook

The Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook app currently offers the best Twitter experience available on RIM's tablet. Update your Twitter status, "re-tweet" and reply to other users, and view images and Web pages without ever leaving the app, all via Blaq's unique interface. The app also supports multi Twitter accounts so you don't have to keep logging in and out to access different Tweeter feeds. And you can easily post images to all of the major image sharing services, as well as lengthy URLs, thanks to Blaq's in-app link shortener.

Blaq for PlayBook is available for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World


ScoreMobile Tablet for BlackBerry PlayBook

ScoreMobile Tablet is a must-have application for PlayBook-owning sports fanatics. With near real-time scores for a variety of professional sports and leagues, including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL and PGA, ScoreMobile helps ensures that you never miss any of the action. The software also provides a variety of statistics on players and teams, news, standings, even betting odds for you gambling types.

ScoreMobile Tablet is available for free via BlackBerry App World

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Vevo for BlackBerry PlayBook

Got a PlayBook tablet and a hankerin' for some free music videos? If so, Vevo's the application for you. The Vevo for PlayBook app gives you access to more than 45,000 music videos from a wide variety of popular artists, along with exclusive interviews and "live" performances, all of which can be streamed in glorious 720p HD, for free. And thanks to the PlayBook's HDMI-out port, you can connect your tablet to any compatible TV and watch music videos on a larger HD display.

Vevo is available for free via BlackBerry App World


Playagram for BlackBerry PlayBook

The Playagram app is best suited for iPhone-toting PlayBook users, since the Instagram photo-sharing service is exclusive to Apple's iOS platform. And though Playagram doesn't actually let you post photos to Instagram—the service's API apparently doesn't allow for uploads—you can view popular photos from your friends and other users, see photos that were posted near your location, comment on and "like" images, search and find users, and more. The inability to upload images is unfortunate, but Playagram still offers the best Instagram experience on PlayBook.

Playagram is available for free via BlackBerry App World

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