Transform Your Plant Floor with Analytics, Dashboards and Manufacturing Intelligence

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Mar 15, 2016
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Manufacturers are responsible for a variety of complex business requirements, including tight time-to-market schedules and improving the cost of quality. Manufacturing technology leaders now have the ability to transform the way the plant floor operates with analytics, dashboards and manufacturing intelligence that provide insight from the bottom up.

Today more than ever, manufacturers are racing to deliver high-quality products in the shortest time possible. Valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics can help you do that by providing real-time information to influence your business decisions. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is just one metric suppliers and technology professionals should focus on. This metric allows you to see the overall health and stability of production throughout your business, and it can signal when a specific part of production, subsystem or assembly needs to have maintenance completed.

A single, unified view of quality and compliance management across your business with enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud allows for one version of the truth for inspection, delivery, service operations and more. This single version of the truth, combined with the valuable metrics provided by cloud ERP’s analytics and dashboards, helps you improve quality and production performance.

Improving quality and compliance with analytics and dashboards

Using analytics to measure quality from the plant floor to the top floor allows manufacturers to break down production silos. Many times, manufacturers rely on individual metrics from each department, division, product line or program. The problem with this approach is that none of these metrics are “talking” to each other. Utilizing analytics and dashboards within one single version of the truth provides you with the manufacturing intelligence you need to make accurate decisions that affect the entire business.

Some of the most robust real-time dashboards provide manufacturers with quality management and compliance metrics, as well as financial measures of performance. From this combined information, manufacturers can gain insight into how time-to-market, cost of quality and compliance can improve the business’s performance over time. These dashboards on a cloud platform are able to scale with the business, providing even greater value as the business grows.

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