A Moment of Truth: What is a Cloud ERP Solution?

BrandPost By Plex. Manufacturing Success Stories.
Mar 28, 2016
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There is a lot of information out there about cloud ERP solutions, and not all of it is accurate. When you’re trying to make smart decisions for your business, you need to be able to sort through all the inaccuracies and get to the truth. Here are three commonly heard statements about cloud ERP that are being put to the test.
1. “I don’t own my data in the cloud.”
This statement is falseCloud ERP vendors like Plex Systems offer 100 percent access to your data via a web browser on any device at any time.There is no special software to install or hardware installation needed. Your data is backed up frequently, and copies are stored in an off-site location for extra security. Your data is just that, your data.
2. “Cloud ERP is less expensive in the long run.”
This statement is true. Unlike on-premise ERP solutions where you are forced to pay subscription fees based on the number of users, cloud ERP vendors, like Plex, provide access to an unlimited number of users, which will save you money in the long run and your business won’t be inhibited by future growth.There will never be a need to upgrade hardware or software, and the lack of downtime means you’re constantly operating and making money. In-house IT costs are reduced as costly updates are eliminated.
3. Cloud ERP isn’t flexible.
This statement is false. In fact, cloud ERP systems like the Plex Manufacturing Cloud can be configured to reflect the functions, features and flexibility your business needs. With Plex, users can control the way their screens and workflows operate, even down to the specific user. Modifications to the system are strictly optional, allowing users to opt in or out of changes to the system.
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