Cloud ERP Helps Manufacturers Achieve Growth

BrandPost By Plex. Manufacturing Success Stories.
Mar 23, 2016
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There comes a point in every manufacturer’s life when the business is bursting with new opportunities for growth. Without the proper systems in place, opportunities can be lost. Here are the stories of three manufacturers who seized growth opportunities and achieved success with enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud.

Firstronic LLC

Firstronic is an electronics manufacturer serving automotive, aerospace, commercial and industrial companies as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Setting a path towards growth, Firstronic’s goals included optimizing time-to-market and providing the highest quality service at a competitive cost. In order to achieve these goals, Firstronic implemented a cloud ERP solution from Plex Systems. Its pain-free implementation, intuitive user interfaces, flexible nature and robust functionality led to Firstronic being able to double its revenue within one year of launch, reshore contracts equating to a 300 percent growth and become a preferred supplier.  

STAT Medical X-Ray Tubes, Inc.

STAT Medical is an industrial remanufacturer of high-quality X-ray tubes for dental, medical and industrial usage. With the goal to launch a new product line, STAT knew it needed more efficient processes to allow for this expansion. Making the choice to implement a cloud ERP solution from Plex resulted in improved day-to-day productivity and efficiency, allowing them to quadruple business in a few short years. Mark Davis at STAT stated that he believes the company would not have been able to manage its growth over the last several years without cloud ERP from Plex.  

Phoenix Logistics, Inc.

Phoenix Logistics is an aerospace supplier and electronics manufacturer. On the aerospace side, they design, manufacture and test high-frequency connectors, cable assemblies and components. Electronic capabilities include supplying data bus components and high-frequency subassemblies for NASA as well as electronics for helicopter, fighter and transport platforms. Facing challenges from manual processing and document control, Phoenix Logistics chose the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to streamline their operations. Thanks to elimination of stand-alone manual and paper-based production processes, Phoenix Logistics was able to successfully manage a 50 percent growth rate.

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