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Some iPhone 6s owners are bitter about the iPhone SE

Apr 01, 2016
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Appleu2019s launch of its new 4-inch iPhone SE is already a success, but some owners of the iPhone 6s are feeling very blue about it and regretting their purchase of the larger iPhone.

From various media reports it seems that the launch of Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE is already a success. The revamped version of the iPhone 5s has already sold almost 4 million units in China, and it’s fair to think that it might be one of Apple’s biggest sleeper hits.

But some owners of the iPhone 6s [ Find it on Amazon *What’s this?* ] are feeling a little irritated that the iPhone SE has stolen some of their phone’s thunder. Even worse, some are regretting their purchase of the iPhone 6s after finding out about the iPhone SE [ find it on Amazon ].

I’ll share my thoughts below, but here are some comments from a recent thread in the iPhone subreddit:

Insiberia: “Any other 6s users feel ‘bitter’ about the SE launch? The SE is nearly on par with the 6s- and cheaper.

I think 6s users who prefer smaller phones are screwed. I have purchased a few cases and screen protectors for the 6s- it’d be a hassle and loss of money to sell the 6s for the SE.”

Lakt: “Yes. 5S model was the one which introduced me to Apple but it was my wife’s and when I decided to buy a new iPhone myself, I basically only had the choice of either 6 or 6S. And 3 months later this one came up sigh.”

CaChooKaMan: “Nope. I refuse to purchase a phone that has a screen smaller than 4.5″.”

Myxzyzz: “Not particularly. I like my 6s because the screen is just the right size. Coming from a 4s I wanted a bigger screen but feared the Plus would be too big to use one-handed, so the 6s was just right for me.

If I wanted to stay small and cheaper I would’ve gone with a secondhand 5s, I feel that all 64-bit devices are powerful enough to stay relevant for a decent while longer. Plus I really need the 128gb storage option with the kinds of stuff I download.”

ZonaPunk: “SE is missing some LTE bands that the 6s class phones have by default. Like ATT’s band 30 isn’t included.”

FeralEleven: “I’m in the same situation and have been considering whether to trade my 2 weeks old iPhone 6s for the SE or wait for iPhone 7 mini to be released (which is unlikely). The 6 and 6s are just too big and inconvenient to use.”

Ferry83: “Honestly… not feeling bitter at all.. I have a bigger screen and a phone that is easier to hold for a longer period.

Then again, if at this point I had to choose between a 6s or a SE, I would actually be in doubt… but I have my 6s for a few months and still don’t regret the decision.

I don’t believe the more premium look and feel of the SE would actually be what could get me to buy the phone… I just love the size of the 6s, but the back is just not as pretty as the 5s.. the front is better… and that’s what i’m looking at most of the time anyway.”

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Trade-in your iPhone 6s for an SE or sell it for cash

While I can understand that some iPhone 6s owners might be feeling a bit blue, there’s really no need for it. If you think that the iPhone SE is the phone you really want to own, just bring your iPhone 6s into Apple and trade it in toward an iPhone SE.

Apple’s iPhone Trade-in page has some details about how it works. While I don’t see the 6s listed there, you can call the Apple Store in your area to see if they’ll accept it as a trade-in and what value you might get. My guess is that you will almost certainly be able to do so.

The page on Apple’s site says that you can get up to $300 credit toward a different iPhone. In that case it would cost only $200 to buy the 64GB iPhone SE to replace your iPhone 6s, and that’s not a bad deal if you really want a 4-inch iPhone.

Of course you could always try to sell your 6s and get even more money for it. Then take that cash and buy yourself an iPhone SE. Either option will let you get rid of your 4.7-inch phone and get a 4-inch phone instead.

I traded my iPhone 6 Plus in for an iPhone 6s

Speaking of trade-ins, I did just that yesterday at my local Apple Store. Like many people I was all jazzed up to buy the iPhone SE, until I realized that the maximum amount of storage it comes with is 64GB. That just isn’t enough for me, so I opted to get an iPhone 6s instead.

iphone se

I brought my iPhone 6 Plus into the store, and I had absolutely no problem getting $300 toward my new iPhone 6s. I felt great about it as the phablet sized phone had become too much of a pain to haul around with me each day.

And so far I’m really enjoying the 6s. It’s not quite as small as the iPhone SE, but it does have a few extra benefits like 3D Touch, better forward facing camera, and best of all I was able to buy it with 128GB of storage.

Apple makes it very easy and fast to trade-in your iPhone toward a new one, so it’s worth checking out if you are unhappy with your current iPhone and want to get an iPhone SE.

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