CIO Resume Makeover: Before-and-After Editions

Job search Website TheLadders gave CIO and entrepreneur James Jordan's resume a total makeover. Here's an inside look at what they recommended, what they did to improve it, and how Jordan's resume looked before and after the rewrite.

James Jordan had been trying to fund his own healthcare technology company with the profits from his independent IT consulting business for 15 months when he concluded that the embattled healthcare industry was just not ready for his software product and that it was time to start a job search.

Jordan initially developed the application, now a health management portal, for his then 12-year-old daughter, Courtney, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just a peanut at three years old. Jordan was frustrated by the tools available to Courtney; nothing made it easy for her to track her blood sugar levels or the amount of carbohydrates and Insulin she was taking.

The portal Jordan created helps diabetics like Courtney and patients with other chronic illnesses to monitor and manage their conditions and connect with caregivers, insurance providers, suppliers and other patients through a set of interactive online tools and dashboards. Patients can upload data to the portal using any of their medical devices.

Jordan was successful in piloting the portal at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana, where his daughter is a patient. Jordan says using the portal helped reduce Courtney's A1C level, a measure of her average blood sugar level, by 1.5 points over the course of a year. Healthcare practitioners consider such a dramatic decrease to be a huge success. Jordan says the portal also saved the state of Indiana $1,400 by reducing his daughter's need for medical supplies and doctor visits, and it saved his family $250 in insurance co-payments.

Jordan talked with more than 125 large healthcare organizations about his portal. He says they saw its promise, but they couldn't commit to deploying it because they were consumed with complying with the nation's new healthcare laws.

So in March he decided, with his wife's encouragement, to find a CIO job.

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