by Dipti Parmar

How to select a profitable blog topic

Apr 01, 2016

There are many factors to consider when selecting a topic that will produce desirable profits or allow you to build a large and dedicated audience for your blog. You must consider public interest, your knowledge of the topic, its longevity, and the audience's interest in it. Start by brainstorming several possible topics you might like to use. Here are a few ways to do rightly.

Haste makes waste! This holds particularly true when choosing a blog topic. The choice of the blog is extremely important as aimless blogging can result in the wastage of your as well as the readers’ time. A number of ideas can come to mind when you think of writing a post and by marinating these ideas to some extent, you can turn them into an excellent blog topic.

For example, if you write posts that cover the latest trending topics, you will get much more visibility. For instance, if you write a post like the “The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing” that you just can’t miss instead of writing something that talks about the age-old best practices, the chances of grabbing your audience’s attention are significantly more. By focusing on the latest topics, you can keep your audience both, entertained and aware. So, when thinking about a blog topic, ask yourself – “Why would anyone bother to read my blog posts?” Think about the value your post offers them.

The right blog topic ensures not only increased blog traffic but also improved blog revenue.

It is true that in today’s digital world, there are numerous ways to earn money online and blogging offers many opportunities, but the competition is immense. It is, therefore, essential to know the right method to place yourself in front of your target audience and attract their attention. If you are eager to create a blog and make profit out of it, then you must start with choosing the ‘most attractive (read profitable) topic.’ This is the first step towards successful blogging. 

Tips to choose the most profitable blog topics

Blogging should start with the selection of a solid blog topic, i.e. a working topic. A topic is a generalised idea, whereas a working topic is extremely specific. For instance, if you talk about ‘social media marketing’, it has a broader nuance; whereas if you talk about ‘Twitter marketing ideas’, it is more specific.

There are many things to be considered when choosing a topic for your blog – right from your audience’s interests to your knowledge about the topic and the competition, there are many more factors to be taken into account.

You might have enormous knowledge about a specific topic, but to make the post attractive, appealing and profitable; you must know how to deliver the content in an engaging manner. Thus, when choosing the most suitable topic for your blog, you need to consider:

  • The audience you are writing for. You need to produce content that your audience can relate to.
  • Longevity of the topic. You need to choose topics that will remain relevant for long. For example, topics like ‘Tips for New Moms’ will remain relevant for mothers for years to come. Evergreen topics will have long-term effects on your business.
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  • Ways in which you will reach your targeted audience.
  • Competition of the topics. If we take the example of ‘Tips for New Mom’, there would probably be several posts on the same topic. You need to identify the ways in which you can make the topics more appealing and engaging.
  • Benefit to your audience. You can only think of making the profit if you have enough to give to your audience. Evaluate how much value you can offer to them.

If you want to make your blog more profitable and improve your income, the following tips will help you achieve your goal:

Think about what people want to read

As mentioned earlier, there is immense competition and to improve your popularity you have to think about ways to cut through the noise. For instance, Chris Garrett keeps his audience in mind when he writes his posts. He considers their situations, needs, likes, questions and the challenges in front of him while thinking of a blog topic. This way he is able to come up with practical blog topics that help him connect with his audience.

Try to determine what your target audience is looking for! Once you get that, you can create posts that are useful to them. Try and think about a relevant topic that addresses the various issues that your audience face.

Take inspiration from other blogs that are doing well and make sure you serve your audience and not yourself!

Engage your audience

User engagement is the key to success and it can boost your branding by more than 300 percent. Valuable user engagement focuses on quality rather than quantity! In order to improve user engagementoffer your personal views, experiences and additional information on each topic. This ensures a personalised approach towards your readers. You can also cover related topics and focus on controversies surrounding them. All these tactics will make your blog more engaging and attractive, and people will be eager to come back to you for more.


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Instead of replicating what has already been done, you need to identify your unique strengths and do something different. By improving user engagement, you can win a loyal following from people who can spread the word and bring in more traffic to your blog.

Create urgency

People want instant solutions to their problems. So by creating urgency in your topics, you can attract a lot of people. You can achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Offer propositions: Offer proposals that have a sense of urgency. For instance, people would be eager to read posts that say something like ‘Read This Now to Improve Your Marketing Strategy for 2016’. Using time-sensitive language helps you to reinforce the sense of urgency. However, the content must offer the right value proposition for the urgency to be effective.
  • Create curiosity: People are always eager to know more, so try to arouse curiosity among your audience. Create curiosity and they won’t be able to leave your blog until they finish reading it.
  • Become an advocate: It is true that people browse the Internet to find solutions, but many are afraid of applying them in real life. By becoming an advocate, you can gain their trust and win a loyal following.
  • Become emotional: Want to grab the reader’s attention? Hit the emotion button.

By creating a sense of urgency, you can instantly attract the attention of your readers and get them hooked on to your blog for longer.

Final thoughts

Blogging offers numerous opportunities to help you improve your profits. But it all starts from selecting the right topics.

In order to make your blog profitable, choose topics that interest you, so that you can provide useful insights to your readers and establish yourself as an expert. Research your competition and develop a unique approach to position your content and reach out to your target audience.

Winning the right readership for your blog is key to making your blog profitable and attracting the right kind of readers. Whatever you do, ensure to create a compelling blog and choose topics that you are passionate about.