by Jim Lynch

MacHash 6.0: The best Apple news app gets a huge update

Apr 06, 2016
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My favorite app for news about Apple has just had a big update to version 6.0. If you’re an Apple news junkie, you’ll want to check out MacHash 6.0 in the iOS App Store.

As you might imagine, I’m an Apple news junkie. Since I write this blog I need to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of Apple. And one of the ways I do this is to use the MacHash news app on my iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

MacHash comes bundled with all of the best Apple news sites and blogs built right into it. So it’s easy and fast to hop around from site to site and get all of the latest news about Apple and it’s products.

MacHash 6.0 adds some great new features and changes

Version 6.0 of MacHash was recently released in the iOS app store, and I immediately updated the app on my iPhone. My first reaction to the new version was simply this: wow! It’s like the MacHash developer read my mind in terms of what I wanted and then delivered everything in one update.

MacHash 6.0 has some terrific stuff in it, here’s the official description from the iOS App Store:

MacHash v6.0 has dropped

Enjoy a totally overhauled MacHash experience with our biggest release ever. A redesigned interface, new night mode, 3D Touch and many more exciting features coming at you right now in this update.


New tab based design and dynamic layout

iOS 9 Slide over multitasking support

Night mode dark visual theme

Dynamic Type support for adjusting the font size in Settings

Now using the San Francisco typeface

Support for 3D Touch Pop & Peek and App Icon shortcuts

Huge performance improvements & battery optimizations

New browser options with Safari View Controller as the default browser

All new optional in app browser (Utilizing WKWebView for speed improvements)

Option to open links in Safari by default for Ad Removal users

Automatic Safari Reader mode preference

iPad Pro support

&& tons more

The app was totally redeveloped to take advantage of the latest software enhancements. The update also includes many long requested user requested features. This one has been cooking for some time so thanks for reading. If you’re still with me here, please take a quick moment to support MacHash and leave us a quick star rating or review in the AppStore.

MacHash 6.0 News Feed

Here’s a shot of some recent news in MacHash 6.0 on my iPhone 6s Plus.

MacHash 6.0 list of news sites

MacHash 6.0 comes with an awesome list of all the best Apple news sites and blogs. Just about everything you need to stay up to date with Apple news is already in the app.

MacHash 6.0 Settings

You can change your browser settings, filter your news sites, and adjust various other things in the MacHash settings screen.

Get MacHash in the iOS App Store

As you can tell from the list of new stuff, this is a huge update to MacHash. It’s almost too good to be true. As an Apple news junkie that loves MacHash, I did a double-take when I saw the list of features in the update description on my iPhone.

I love that the app is now supporting Peek & Pop and app icon shortcuts. I also really like the ability to have the app default to opening links in Safari. Night mode is also a very welcome addition to MacHash’s feature set. I’ll be using that a lot since I like to browse news while I’m laying on the couch at night.

I haven’t had a chance to update MacHash on my iPad Pro yet, but I’ll be doing that shortly. I’m very glad to see that the app now fully supports the iPad Pro.

MacHash is free with ads, but it’s worth $3.99 to get rid of them

Those of you who are new to MacHash might not know that it’s actually a free, ad-supported app. But for $3.99 you can get rid of the ads altogether.

It took me all of about half a second to pay the $3.99 to remove the ads. Frankly, I would have paid $3.99 outright for the app. Yeah, it’s that useful to me and makes tracking so many Apple news sites so easy and fast.

Definitely check out MacHash 6.0 in the iOS App Store

So far I’m loving MacHash 6.0. This version of the app is the best one yet. MacHash 6.0 just makes me appreciate even more the convenient access to news about Apple provided in a single app.

The only problem I had with it was that I couldn’t find the font settings to make fonts larger. Then I realized that it now uses whatever font size you have set up in Larger Text in Accessibility in the Settings app. Once I realized that, I had no problems adjusting the font size for my aging eyeballs.

So if you’re an Apple news junkie, be sure to download MacHash 6.0 from the App Store.

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