Process Manufacturers Succeed in the Cloud

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Apr 04, 2016
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Process manufacturers – makers of food, rubber, liquid and chemical products, for example – face a litany of challenges from regulation and compliance to traceability and on-time delivery. Many process companies, however, find that achieving success is easier than ever with enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud. Here are three process manufacturers finding success in the cloud.

Dominion Liquid Technologies

Dominion Liquid Technologies (DLT) is a liquid goods contract manufacturer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the makers of flavored pancake and corn syrups, among other liquids, the company needed to manage growth successfully while continuing to produce on time and maintain product quality. They also strive to uphold a strong customer focus. To meet these challenges head on, DLT invested in cloud ERP from Plex. After implementation, DLT experienced improvements in real-time inventory tracking with near 100 percent accuracy. Learn more about Dominion Liquid Technology’s journey and how they managed to improve quality and inventory tracking, while maintaining impeccable customer service.

Green Flash Brewing Co.

From the start, San Diego’s Green Flash Brewing has maintained a beer-first philosophy throughout their business. Achieving great success with their WestCoast IPA meant that the company could begin to plan for an expanded product range and growth, but their existing manufacturing management system was not able to provide sufficient support. To enable the growth of their business, Green Flash decided to implement the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Now, inventory discrepancies are down from $155,000 to a known $647, and shipping has improved with 99.7 percent inventory accuracy. Learn more about Green Flash’s success and how they are continuing to expand their beer production.

Sanders Chocolates

Sanders has been making high-quality candy since 1875 and always been a business innovator. In the early 1900s, Sanders was one of the first companies to use electric motors in its production processes to improve efficiency. In the 21st century, Sanders developed new production goals and needed an ERP system that could keep up with the demanding pace of seasonal production requirements. They needed a system that could track in real time, reduce manual paper-based processes and provide visibility across the enterprise. To make this happen, Sanders chose cloud ERP from Plex Systems. This solution now gives Sanders the ability to analyze real-time data to make strategic decisions that improve the future of their business. Learn more about how Sanders is experiencing more efficient, effective operations.

Process manufacturers are constantly evolving and innovating. With cloud ERP, manufacturers can focus on delivering high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations on a software platform that scales effortlessly as their business changes.