Three Components of a Smart Connected Enterprise

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Apr 18, 2016
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Traditional plant floor operations rely on paper-based, manual processes for almost every aspect of the business. From inventory management to quality checks, everything is done by hand. These error-prone processes are inefficient and lead to inaccurate data. However, manufacturers with a smart connected enterprise are overcoming inefficiency and finding success on the plant floor. Here are three components that every manufacturer needs to implement for a smart connected enterprise.

1.      Central Data Management

Managing your data in a centralized, single version of the truth ensures that all employees are looking at the same data at the same time. This ensures that everyone from the plant floor to the top floor are making decisions based on real-time data, helping to drive quality and facilitating process improvement.

2.      Supplier Portal

Supplier portals enable members of the supply chain to see where a shipment is at any point in the supply chain, enabling better shipping and on-time delivery. With full visibility into the manufacturing process, suppliers and customers benefit from improved communication and a better working relationship.

3.      Mobile Access

An enterprise cannot be truly connected without mobile access that delivers enterprise connectivity anytime, anywhere; whether on location or offsite, you should be able to connect to your data whenever you need it.

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