by Matt Kapko

LinkedIn Students app helps graduates get gigs

Apr 22, 2016

Students and recent graduates are LinkedIn's fastest-growing audience, and the company this week released a new app that's designed to ease the post-college job search process.

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Credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith

LinkedIn released a new app this week for its fastest-growing audience: students. Students and recent graduates represent nearly 10 percent of LinkedIn’s total monthly active user base, according to the company. LinkedIn wants to help students search for jobs during “in-between moments” and identify potential career paths for graduates of specific majors.

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“We have more than 40 million students and recent grads on the platform,” says LinkedIn Communications Manager Kenly Walker. Students will appreciate the new app because unlike working professionals who typically have better ideas of the jobs and industries they want to pursue, many students don’t know where to start, she says. 

linkedin students app ios LinkedIn

LinkedIn Students app for iOS

The company calls LinkedIn Students a “personal job exploration guide, providing tailored jobs related recommendations based on real data from the career paths” of the 414 million people who use LinkedIn each month. LinkedIn has been working on the app since July, and the first pilot started in November at San Jose State University (SJSU), according to Walker. 

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The LinkedIn Students app cross references user data to find jobs that are well-suited for graduates within specific majors, as well as openings at companies that have historically hired other graduates from their schools, and details on the career paths of recent alumni who hold similar degrees. Following pilots at SJSU and the University of Central Florida, LinkedIn worked with college representatives across the United States to help get the word out and encourage students to use the app, according to Walker.

LinkedIn Students is available only in the United States for iOS and Android, but the company plans to eventually expand availability. LinkedIn currently offers 11 different apps for iOS and 9 for Android.