How to Prepare Your Enterprise for iPad 2: Expert Tips

Like it or not, business users will walk into your enterprise with iPad 2 tablets next week. Here are some key issues to help IT get ready for new provisioning, security and bandwidth challenges.

Many CIOs were hoping the iPad would fade into the shadows of the next new thing, asso many other tech gadgets have. But the iPad is proving to have a lot more staying power than many predicted—and the consumer-driven iPad is on a crash course with enterprise IT. CIOs will need to handle anything and everything the iPad, Apple and iOS app developers throw at them.

CIOs, you'd better get on board and manage the iPad before it manages you.

Two Tech Hurdles: Provisioning and Apps

What are the biggest challenges CIOs will face in the brave new world of the iPad? Charles Edge, author of Enterprise iPhone and iPad Administrator's Guide (Apress, Nov. 2010) and director of technology at IT consultancy 318, says there are two major technical hurdles: provisioning iPhones and iPads en masse, and getting the data to the right user and then back to the server.


"How do you push out 5,000 [iPads] and build a process around it?" asks Edge. The traditional IT mindset is to image devices. However, data bits don't lay on the iPad or iPhone the same way they do on a laptop or desktop computer—that is, you don't image an iOS device.

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