Mobile ERP in the Cloud Empowers “Smart” Plant Floor Personnel

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May 16, 2016
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In manufacturing, people are mobile. Materials, equipment, and products are mobile. Many manufacturing companies have already empowered operations personnel with iPads, laptops or other devices—but there’s a fundamental shift occurring in how mobile shop floor workers function.

In a recent blog post by LNS Research, the author highlighted the fact that mobile operations personnel can be made “smarter”:

“When operations personnel are made mobile—or even better, smart and connected—the roles that deliver value to the manufacturing process are enabled to transform from behaving in a reactionary to a proactive mode—the very definition of being more Lean.” 

It’s not a matter of simply passing out iPads—they need the right information at the right time. This is only possible with connection to, collaboration on, and analysis of data. When this data is available to operations personnel on mobile devices they begin to change how they conduct work and create value, issues can be identified before they occur, improving product quality and reducing equipment failure.

The only way to realize the potential of smarter plant floor operators is by having the right systems to support them by becoming a connected manufacturer. This means you have the ability to share information throughout the enterprise with the goal of become a smarter company, creating better processes, and having the information needed to lower cost and streamline operations.

Cloud ERP, and more specifically manufacturing cloud ERP, delivers a practical way to do this. Without the cloud, it is overly complex and extremely difficult to ensure the proper real-time communication and information consolidation needed to empower your mobile operations personnel with data to drive better decision-making.

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