Gmail Tips and Tricks for the Power User

Think you know how to get the most from Gmail? Try these four new features that enhance your account's security, make messaging groups easier and more.

Google's Gmail service has a lot to offer its 193 million users: labs, add-ons, customization features and easy integration with mobile devices make it one of the most popular e-mail clients. The latest updates and features Google has rolled out beef up account security, streamline group e-mails, relax the obsessive e-mail checker and bring new features to mobile Gmail. Take a look at our tips and tricks below.

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1. Increase Gmail Security Using Advanced Sign-In

Regardless of how strong your Gmail password may be, the threat of a hacked account, spam attack or phishing scam always exists. To further protect your information, Google recently introduced two-step verification, a feature that it released to Google Apps customers a few months ago.

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