by Jim Lynch

Apple News: Mute channels you don’t like

May 20, 2016
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Don’t like a channel in Apple News? Here’s how you can quickly mute it so you don’t see it any more in the For You or topics feeds.

The Apple News app can be a useful tool for reading your favorite news sites. But sometimes you might find that certain news sources don’t interest you, and you might not want to see them again in the For You feed or in your topics feeds.

No problem, it’s easy to mute channels that you don’t like in the Apple News app.

How to mute channels you don’t like in Apple News

Here’s how you can mute unwanted channels:

1. Tap on the For You tab.

2. Find a story from the channel you want to mute.

3. Swipe right and tap on the blue “Mute Channel” button.

4. A confirmation menu will popup, then just tap on “Mute”

Now stories from that source will no longer appear in the For You feed or topic feeds.

Note that you can also just go right to the channel you don’t like and then swipe right on any story to mute that channel.

mute channel apple news
mute channel confirmation apple news

How to unmute channels in Apple News

If you change your mind later on, you can easily unmute a channel in the Apple News app.

1. Go to the channel that you muted.

2. Tap on the “Don’t Mute” link at the top of the channel.

Now your previously muted channel will again appear in the For You feed and topic feeds.

unmute channel apple news

Muting a channel helps clear the clutter from Apple News

I’m very glad that Apple has added the ability to mute channels in the Apple News app. It’s a very quick and easy way to clear up some of the information clutter that can become annoying over time.

I’ve found that it’s well worth taking a few minutes to mute all of the channels you don’t want to see. It makes looking at your topic feeds and the For You page much more informative and interesting.

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