How CIOs can guide digital business transformation

The business and technology functions of an organization can no longer be viewed as separate, which is why the next generation of business leaders will be CIOs becoming CEOs.
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Cory Crosland is president of Croscon Croscon and a seasoned software architect with more than 15 years of IT and engineering experience. Cory founded Croscon in 2004, with the vision of creating an engineering-first company that specializes in modern software development. Cory focuses on each client’s long-term vision, potential partnerships and joint ventures.

Prior to founding Croscon, Cory served as the director of IT at Blue World, Inc. where he built a department to develop custom supply chain reporting platforms for the largest food companies in the United States.

Under Cory’s leadership, the team at Croscon has been widely recognized for delivering innovative custom software alongside its partners. Croscon has received industry recognition for its work, including numerous Webby awards, SXSW interactive awards and a Grammy nomination.

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