by Al Sacco

Rapid review: Uno Noteband wearable

May 20, 2016
AndroidConsumer ElectronicsHealth and Fitness Software

Uno Noteband features a novel new speed-reading technology that's designed to help you quickly parse through smartphone notifications. This short video review reveals whether it belongs on the 'cool' or the 'not so much' list.

As a longtime gadget reviewer, my office mailbox is often packed with tech toys — some cool … and some not so cool. During the past week or so, I put the Uno Noteband wearable notification monitor and fitness band through a number of hoops, alongside my Apple Watch for comparison. (Why, yes, I am a total a nerd — but I’m a very awesome nerd, mind you.)

Does Uno fall in the Cool category? Or the Not So Much pile? Check out the clip below to find out.

(WARNING: This video contains completely unnecessary tech destruction, and it may be unsuitable for some viewers, particularly the makers of Uno Noteband.)


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