Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Hands On Video senior writers Shane O'Neill and Al Sacco perform a quick video hands-on with the first Google Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48.

I received a nice package from Fed Ex today: A Google Chrome OS notebook.

Called the Cr-48, this prototype machine with an Intel chip was sent out by Google as part of a pilot test program. It's a test machine with no brand name, and not a finished product. Google Chrome notebooks will hit stores for real in mid-2011.

My colleague Al Sacco and I put together a video demo of the hardware and software features of the Cr-48 (geek alert: This name refers to an isotope of the material Chromium). We focus on the basic hardware features: battery, external ports, keyboard, screen size, as well as setting up an account, connecting to Wi-Fi and using the browser. We also take you through start-up, sleep mode, screen lock and shutdown features.

The Cr-48 is fast and user-friendly and very much geared toward cloud computing (i.e. the browser is the homescreen). It has both Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G connectivity through Verizon.

Enjoy the video and feel free to leave any comments in the comment field.

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