Social Media Haters Rejoice: Holiday Gifts Just for You

Every time you hear "tweet," "friend" or "connect," it makes you want to scream. You loathe the Fail Whale, Mark Zuckerberg and his posse of "friends." Sound familiar? Here's a collection of perfect gifts for those who share the same social sentiments as you.


Has Facebook Ruined Your Life?

Sure, you may have spent a few months in the pokey for stalking an ex on Facebook, but let everyone know you now realize how wrong your actions were with this fashionable timepiece.


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Down With the Blue Bird

Let this T-shirt show others exactly how you feel about the microblogging site. You're sick of reputable news sites hawking Twitter tips. And you rejoiced when Miley Cyrus quit Twitter.


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Wear It Loud, Wear It Proud

You let your Facebook friend requests linger for weeks, hoping the friender grows increasingly exasperated. Then, every Tuesday at 9 p.m, you maliciously hit "Ignore." DENIED! This bright hat says it all.



Spell It Out

In case others don't understand the essence of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, make perfectly clear the commonalities of these social sites with this T-shirt.


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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Good from far, but far from good? Tell 'em how you really feel about their taken-from-above-with-head-slightly-cocked-and-emo-expression picture.

Draw-string bag;


Blah, Blah, Tweet, Blah

What they ate for breakfast. When they took their dog for a walk. Their undying love for Justin Bieber. Sum it up with this T-shirt.


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Hating the Farm Feed

You don't care about the barn raisings, how many chickens hatched or how many ears of corn were harvested. And you hate—and I mean hate—the 1,390 updates a day that flood your Facebook feed.


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I'll Drink to That!

You're seriously creeped out by e-mails that arrive regularly in your inbox informing you "@joeschmo is now following your tweets on Twitter!" Grab your pepper spray and emergency whistle, because there's some stalking going down.


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A New Kind of Social Network

You truly believe that the "F" in Facebook should stand for something else, and it's got nothing to do with "friend."


It's a unique fashion statement, but one you truly believe in. Show 'em how you feel about Twitter and its #annoyingmemes.


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