Gmail Tips: Five Can't-Miss Features that Boost Google E-Mail

Check out these valuable Gmail features you probably never knew existed, from cool keyboard shortcuts to quick and easy remote sign-out.

Google's Gmail is famous for its arsenal of customization features, and the popular Web mail service offers users a number of neat Labs to try, too. Whether you're new to Gmail, are thinking of converting or are a seasoned user, the following five tips will help you work more efficiently.

1. Use "Tasks" to Keep Track of To-Dos

Say you receive an e-mail from a friend who wants to make plans for dinner. Tasks, an option found in the "More actions" drop-down menu, will convert this e-mail to an actionable item that you can check off once complete.


To do so, open the e-mail message and choose "Add to Tasks" from the "More actions" drop-down menu. Your task list will open with the subject line of the e-mail next to a check-box that you can click once it's completed.


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