Best BlackBerry Battery-Saving Tips: Master Class

The longer your smartphone lasts on a single charge, the better, right?'s mobile expert Al Sacco details the techniques power users swear by to boost BlackBerry longevity.

Since the first BlackBerry smartphone was released nearly a decade ago, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has prided itself on each device's stellar battery life. Yet today, speedy 3G networks, resource-intensive mobile applications, media-related streaming-services, and other recent technological advances all demand hefty amounts of portable power--if you want to use them for more than a few minutes at a time. So it has never been more important for smartphone users to help themselves by maximizing their mobile devices' battery life.

BlackBerry Bold Batteries
BlackBerry Bold Batteries

I've penned a variety of basic BlackBerry battery tips stories over the past few years, aimed at beginner users, long-time BlackBerry owners and CrackBerry addicts with specific devices, like the Torch 9800--you may wish to read over them before moving on, since some of the following tips build on advice I've provided in past articles. Or pop on over to the BlackBerry Bible page for a complete listing of all my past BlackBerry tips.

What follows is a detailed list of "new" BlackBerry battery tips and tricks I've collected over the past year or so, through fiddling with my own BlackBerry's settings, perusing RIM's various online support documents and speaking with advanced BlackBerry users, or "power users."

BlackBerry Charging Tips

It sounds like a "no-brainer," but the best possible way to ensure that your BlackBerry smartphone always has enough juice is to charge it constantly. Even if it's almost full. And even if it'll only be charging for a few minutes before you're on the move once again.

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