7 Great iPhone 4 Cases: Protect Your Smartphone...Before It's Too Late!

CIO.com's Al Sacco turned to the Twitterverse in search of the best lightweight and unobtrusive, yet protective iPhone 4 cases. Here are seven Apple-smartphone cases that fit the bill.


iPhone 4 users listen up: That shiny new iPhone in your pocket is sleek, beautiful and technologically advanced—but it's also more delicate than any other Apple smartphone. In fact, iPhone 4 displays crack 82 percent more often than iPhone 3GS screens, according to iPhone warranty provider, SquareTrade.

iPhone 4 owner, I am not. But I asked my thousand or so gadget-geek Twitter followers for their favorite, lightweight yet effective iPhone 4 cases, and the following seven options came out atop the list.

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Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4

The super lightweight Incase Snap for iPhone 4 is the case mostly highly recommended by my Twitter followers. It's easy to put on and remove, offers access to all the appropriate iPhone 4 buttons and ports, and it's available for $34.95, in three color-options: clear; smoke; and white.

Buy online via GoIncase.com.


Speck CandyShell for iPhone 4 Case

Available in more than 10 color options, including two festive 2010 holiday designs, the one-piece CandyShell for iPhone 4 case is composed of a thin, exterior hard-shell with soft rubber lining, bezel and button covers. Prices range $29.99 to $34.99, depending on your design choice.

Buy online via SpeckProducts.com.


iFrogz iPhone 4 Luxe Original Case

The two-piece iFrogz iPhone 4 Luxe Original case comes in at least six different colors, including black, blue, iron and teal, and its exterior features a "metallic facade" that's velvety-smooth to the touch. The $29.99-case offers unobstructed access to all iPhone 4 ports, inputs, and sensors.

Purchase online via iFrogz.com.


Speck Fitted for iPhone 4 Case

The $29.99 Fitted for iPhone 4 Case is probably the most fashionable case in this roundup, due largely to its 11 available colors and patterns. The form-fit two-piece case is wrapped in a fabric of your choice to grab eyes while protecting your precious gadget. And though it's not exactly simple to remove, it does offer easy access to all necessary iPhone 4 ports.

Buy online via SpeckProducts.com.


Sena Magnet Flipper

At $52.00, Sena's Magnet Flipper for iPhone 4 case is the most expensive product in this post, but it's also the most unique. The Magnet Flipper comes in more than a dozen color- and leather-finish-options, and a magnet inside the outer "flap" helps keep it closed when not in use. The case also features a removable belt clip.

Purchase online via SenaCases.com.


OtterBox iPhone 4 Commuter Series Case

OtterBox products aren't always pretty, but you'd be hard put to find cases that better protect your mobile devices. This is true of the company's $34.95 iPhone 4 Commuter Series Case, which is probably the bulkiest, yet most protective case featured here. It comes only in black, but offers three layers of protection, including a screen protector.

Order online via OtterBox.com.


Incase Slider for iPhone 4

Incase's $34.95 Slider for iPhone 4 is made of lightweight hard-plastic on the outside, with rubber rails inside for shock absorption in addition to impact protection. It's available in black and white, offers unobstructed access to iPhone 4 ports, and the two-piece Incase Slider comes apart for easy charging via iPhone dock.

Buy online via GoIncase.com.

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