Come Out On Top of M&A Integration

Three CIOs share their best advice for flourishing in the M&A aftermath

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Go Beyond Due Diligence

Bryan Ackermann, CIO, Adecco Group North America

When we acquired MPS Group last January, an effective IT integration was essential to the success of the acquisition. Even before the deal was complete, I took several steps beyond the regular due diligence.

The acquisition didn’t affect every part of our business, and the rest was growing fast. We needed to establish on a granular level which projects and growth initiatives had to continue outside of the integration—what we couldn’t afford to put on hold while resources were otherwise occupied. We also accelerated a critical assessment of the organization. With the improvement in the economy, Adecco is facing two years of pent-up demand for our services, and I needed to evaluate whether we had the people and skills to handle that increased volume.

The acquisition gives us a significant amount of new work and staff, and it is even more important to understand which competencies we want to keep and build in-house, and which we can turn to partners to fill both during the integration and in the future.

To coordinate the activity, we established an integration office separate from but closely aligned with our IT program management office. As we move forward, this gives us dedicated people to oversee the portfolio-management balancing act between ongoing business needs and the integration efforts, while daily IT work continues normally.

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