How to Build IT’s Business-Strategy Reputation

CIOs must prepare to have detailed results—and to promote those results—if they want to improve IT’s business-strategy reputation

Measure and explain what IT does. Don’t let IT be out of sight, out of mind for the rest of the company. As you become more involved in strategy, it is critical to celebrate success and have everyone in your group be able to explain what IT has done for the bottom line lately. Map what IT currently provides—including ad hoc services—to the activity of users throughout the company to gain recognition for specific contributions.

Address structural constraints. Physically separating talent, even over multiple floors of the same building, restricts collaboration. Step forward with a plan to overcome silos.

Keep your customers in the loop. Be transparent about the impact any planned new services or enhancements will have on your customers.

Form long-term relationships. Dedicate people to a line of business for more than one rotation. Let them stay long enough to gain a true understanding of user needs.

Lead change. Creating and carrying out a new strategy often requires organizational changes. Don’t shy away from business plans that shake up your group.

Insights collected from participants at the CIO Perspectives Forum in Washington, D.C. (October 20, 2010). Register for an ­upcoming CIO Perspectives Forum in your area here.


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