Five Ways to Build IT’s Credibility

Building trust in information technology requires CIOs to promote attention to detail while putting every action into business context.

Become your own crystal ball. There will always be surprise requests, but CIOs can anticipate most new demands made of IT. Gain an understanding of the enterprise mission that is driving each business function’s initiatives. Once you demonstrate that you are thinking about your peers’ needs and plans from their perspective, it is easier to become involved in the first moments of new-process development.

Make sure systems work. Succeeding at the IT that’s visible to everyone—like e-mail and the VPN—is critical to being trusted to provide additional value.

Scope out the competition. Examine your team’s capabilities against those of vendors and be able to explain the value you’ll provide that an outside source wouldn’t.

Keep IT human. People trust people, not organizations. Deliver value through relationships everywhere, from the front-line staff to the C-suite executives.

Explain TCO. Instead of focusing on the cost of user systems, help executives understand the cost of providing a workplace with IT-enabled processes.

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