I Quit! 8 Dramatic Ways to Leave Your Job

When you're ready to say "Take this job and shove it," how should you deliver the message? With thanks to JetBlue's newest hero, here's a look at 8 unique job resignations using everything from song to sheetcake.


Steven Slater, JetBlue

After pulling off the most dramatic job exit in years, Steven Slater won the hearts of disgruntled retail and customer service employees everywhere when news of his epic departure from a JetBlue plane—and his job—hit the Internet this week.

Slater, a flight attendant, lost his patience when a passenger got up from her seat early to retrieve her baggage from the overhead compartment. Slater allegedly cursed out the entire aircraft, grabbed a beer, opened the emergency chute and slid to freedom. Hey, who hasn't wanted to take an emergency chute out the office window now and then?

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Jenny the "HOPA" Whiteboard Girl

"Jenny," a young corporate assistant, gained notoriety early this week when a series of amusing photos surfaced via Twitter, depicting her creative white-board resignation. In the photos, Jenny describes her boss's temper, bad breath and apparent affinity for playing Farmville during work hours. The joke was on us in the end, though, as Jenny was later deemed a fake.

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Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems

Not everyone can say adieu with haiku. Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz kept the announcement of his resignation short and sweet—140 characters or less, to be exact. Back in February, Schwartz took to his Twitter account and posted this poetic declaration: "Today's my last day at Sun. I'll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more."


Jarrad Farbs, 2K Australia

Want to make your goodbye all fun and games? Jarrad Farbs, a developer at 2K Australia, a game development studio, left the company last year to pursue independent game development full-time. His unique resignation: a short, Mario-inspired Flash game delivering the news of his departure along with a farewell message: "Thank you 2K Australia! You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle."

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Shirley Sherrod, USDA

Sometimes you have to text your way out. In July, former Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the USDA was forced to resign—via an e-mail she sent from her BlackBerry, nontheless—after the NAACP condemned videotaped remarks she made at one of its events. After a more extensive review of the unedited version, White House officials and the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture offered her a new position.

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Neil Barrett, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Nothing says "thanks for the memories" quite like a large sheet cake. Neil Barrett, a Hunters Point Naval Shipyard employee presented his boss with, quite possibly, the most appetizing resignation letter we've seen. The notice praised the company and his coworkers, and wished everyone well in the future. Tastefully done.

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That Guy With the Glasses

Sometimes body language says it all. In 2008 That Guy With the Glasses ended his career at an undisclosed manufacturing company to the musical makings of Star Wars and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. As he stood proud on a cafeteria chair, he ripped open his shirt to reveal his intentions—"I quit!"—written on his chest. "Just gotta get out / Just gotta get right out of here..." Click here to watch the musical sendoff.

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General Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army

We all say things we might later regret, but usually not to Rolling Stone magazine. Who knows why General Stanley McChrystal got so chatty, making critical comments to Rolling Stone about Vice President Joe Biden and other administration officials? But once the article was published, President Obama summoned him to Washington for a conversation. Soon after, McChrystal submitted his resignation—which made headlines of its own.

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