10 of the World's Funniest Tech Videos

The U.S. hasn't cornered the market on funny tech ads. This is one virtual world tour you won't want to miss.

More and more, I'm starting to think America's tech ads leave something to be desired.

Think about it: We've got Ashton Kutcher hawking cameras and Luke Wilson tossing postcards. Sure, there've been a few bright points -- Beyonce shakin' her thang for DirecTV, for example, or Bill Gates shakin' his for Jerry Seinfeld -- but then you look overseas and you realize just how much we're missing.

Last month, we took a tour of 10 of the funniest foreign tech ads around. We watched Snoop Dogg singing in a fridge and real dogs barking into iPhones. And it turns out those were just the start.

We scoured the globe once again to find 10 more titillating tech ads from around the world. Like last time, some are funny by design, while others...well, you'll see.

Prefer to do your traveling through time? Check out our collection of the 15 funniest vintage tech ads next. Flux capacitor not required.

1. Whole Lotta Hogan

They say Hogan knows best, but after watching this ad, I'm not so sure.

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