7 of the Most Bizarre Facebook Apps

Facebook has been branded by many as a notorious waste of time, and welcoming these seven apps to its collection certainly hasn't helped its reputation. From photo-altering apps to random name generators, Facebook's Application Directory is chock full of absurd add-ons.


Butter-fy Yourself

You may think we have the Midwest Dairy Association to thank for this, but according to the app, it's actually the ancient Tibetan monks. (Naturally.)

These monks carved animals and deities of worship out of yak butter. In the 1800s, the tradition spread to North America, where Minnesota farm wives used blocks of butter to carve decorative patterns, which were displayed at state fairs. (Stick with me here.)

And now you, too, can get in on the butter-carving action. Upload a photo, choose a personality for your sculpture (choices include a diary princess, a butter hippie and a butter bouffant, to name a few) and voila—you're immortalized in butter. (Just steer clear of the heat.)

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Death Time Calculator

There comes a time when everyone must meet their maker (but who would have ever thought Santa would be the culprit?).

The Death Time Calculator "predicts" your time and cause of death after you enter your birth date. Sample deaths: "Intoxicated, ate accidentally poisoned dog food;" "Mauled by a tiger;" and "Assassinated by ninjas." Inexplicably, the Death Time Calculator has over 45,000 "likes."

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Ask Paul the Octopus!

Paul the Octopus gained notoriety when he went eight-for-eight in predicting the outcome of the World Cup 2010 matches, and now, he's joined Facebook. (Who hasn't, these days?)

Ask Paul a question and give him two possible outcomes to choose from. Click "Ask the Octopus" and wait as Paul processes your question. The Magic Eight Ball is soooo yesterday.

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I Have Kids

In case you've run out of information to share about yourself on Facebook, worry not—CoreBlox has created an app that lets you share information about others, namely your defenseless children.

I Have Kids lets parents with nothing better to do create mini-profiles for their kids, complete with photos and status updates. They'll also get tools for tracking their kids' milestones and growth as well as a list of events from their kids' busy schedules. But wait! There's more! It even lets parents leave comments on their friends' kids' walls. ("I just can't believe that Suzy still uses a binky during pre-school!")

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What's Your Romantic Nickname?

Since The Jersey Shore ruined the pet name "Snookie," look no further for a replacement. Type in your name, choose from an assortment of backgrounds and click "Generate." (Oh, if only finding a boyfriend or girlfriend was this easy.)

Other romantic nicknames: Elizabeth the honey tart, John the sugar lips and Mark the honey bunny. Everybody now: "Awww."

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SpongeBob Mood

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is also more than what Facebook's status update feature allows. So for the emotional times when text just won't cut it, rely on the wide-eyed sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea to express exactly how you're feeling.

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Blue Obsession

There are Facebook apps that let you send animated smiley faces to your coworkers, flowers to your mom and a round of "drinks" to your friends. But if you know a special someone who just can't get enough of the color blue, you're in luck.

Blue Obsession lets you send blue-themed gifts that are posted to your friends' walls. For example, a blue drinking glass, ballet shoes, a cupcake, peacock or a fairy resting on a ball filled with butterflies. How can you resist that? (Well, I guess if you like, say, green or orange, you could resist.)

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