New Tech Allows CIOs to Envision Growth

From Facebook to the iPad, tech advances have turned former pipe dreams into achievable goals. CIOs must not forget to tie IT innovation to business value.

Wait for the right innovation

Identifying appropriate innovative solutions has become particularly difficult as services and products such as Facebook and the iPad move into the enterprise. Take the time to evaluate and identify technology that will be more productive than distracting, and educate users and leaders about the possible detrimental impact of implementing currently popular technology.

Seek unusual examples

When looking for models of innovative uses of technology to address a common process, don’t confine yourself to your own industry.

Be supportive

Demonstrate corporate commitment by providing room to be creative, such as with a separate innovation fund in the annual budget.

Rely on the front line

Some get more business impact from innovative technologies by first implementing them, then letting users find their own value.

Use every opportunity

Whether its a global recession or a new CEO, take ­advantage of any re-­examination of costs and processes to be creative with IT.

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