Lost in Translation: 10 Funny Foreign Tech Ads

Put down your TiVo remote: These 10 foreign tech ads are well worth watching. Trust us.

I like to think of myself as a culturally diverse kind of guy. I enjoy foreign films, I've dated women of at least four different ethnic backgrounds, and I'd go for Asian food over American any night of the week.

All right -- that seemed far more impressive in my head. Maybe it's time to expand my horizons.

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Today, we're taking a trip around the globe in search of the world's funniest foreign tech ads. Some of them are funny by design; others are amusing in a more accidental sort of manner (see also: Bee Gees cassette commercial, circa 1981). Either way, they're all sure to give you a chuckle or three, maybe even four if your funny bone's feeling particularly robust.

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1. Windows Gone Wild

I don't know what they slipped into that little dude's dinner, but I'll take two.

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