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How Schneider Electric mapped North American IT staff to a new, global structure

Over the last few years, Schneider Electric grew internationally as a collection of businesses, each of which had its own CIO, CFO and other shared services. When corporate leaders decided to shift the organization to a single structure, they started with IT, and David Patzwald was suddenly no longer CIO of Schneider Electric North America—in the new simplified, global structure, he is SVP of Integration Services, Schneider Electric.

Becoming the new Information Processes Organization has required moving nearly every IT employee around the world into new positions that are often reporting to a new manager, even if individuals will be performing the same function as before. Patzwald’s new Integration Services group sits within the Business Support unit, one of four cross-functional units under new global CIO Hervé Coureil. His former staff members—nearly 150 people—do not all belong in that group, and mapping them has formed the example for other region- and function-specific CIOs in the company during the transition.

In these charts available for download, Patzwald outlines how those who were previously at the director level under him now link into other units, and how the people under them sometimes map to other groups beyond that. As a former divisional CIO, Patzwald says, it is important to separate the impact on you from the impact on your team, and to acknowledge that what’s best for your former staff might be to no longer report to you.

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