Desktop Virtualization: Top Vendors Still Miss the Mark

What's taking so long for desktop virtualization to spread across the enterprise? Even top vendors VMware and Citrix are missing key pieces that enterprise customers need for rollout.

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Highlights from Burton Group's Head-to-Head comparison

Citrix XenDesktop 4.0 Platinum

Judgment: "Suitable for departmental-level deployments and for SME-class organizations."


  • Flexible delivery
  • Supports multiple virtualization servers
  • Strong user-experience feature set
  • Diverse endpoint OS support
  • Strong WAN performance
  • Rich supporting ecosystem


  • Security logging and auditing of administrative actions
  • 3 year support for entire product portfolio
  • VMware View 4.01 Premier Edition

    Judgment: " enterprise-class SHVD platform"

    Note: "Upcoming VMware View 4.5 (in beta) release satisfies the required feature shortcomings." Weaknesses:
    • Role-based access control or security hardening guidelines
    • Enterprise management integration
    • No user application self service
    • Low-bandwidth WAN support
    • Supports only VMware backend
    • Management console scalability limited
    • Win7 Guest OS support
    • Rich integration with VMware vSphere
    • Solid but incomplete core feature base
    • PC-over-IP performance better than expected
    • Simple deployment
    • Active directory integration
    • Enterprise management

    SOURCE: Chris Wolf, Burton Group

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