Five Steps to Business Results for CIOs

While IT continues to enable existing business processes, CIOs are beginning to look at how they can drive and accelerate growth.

Express how IT impacts the company in terms of bottom-line outcomes. It’s a common refrain to “talk to the business in business terms,” but what does that mean? When CIOs are getting involved in company growth, they have to start talking about impact on market share and revenue goals. Learn to explain how IT can help your C-level colleagues fulfill their obligations to customers and shareholders.

Don’t wait for anyone to come find IT. Your team interacts with more people throughout the company than you and needs to be comfortable communicating your message.

Step into unfamiliar shoes. Whether it’s through rotations or a day with a sales rep, everyone in IT—including the CIO—should spend time on the business front line.

Show value with post-project audits. Qualitative evidence of partnership makes for great stories, but don’t let a project end without a quantitative analysis of IT’s input.

Be flexible. Agility is a virtue in all areas of IT. Build a tech environment that allows the company to adapt quickly when customers’ needs change.

This story, "Five Steps to Business Results for CIOs" was originally published by CIO Executive Council.

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