Desktop Virtualization: Comparing Options Frustrates IT

Desktop virtualization has a comparison problem. Faced with too many product choices, and little concrete data comparing costs and benefits, many IT departments are delaying decisions -- or simply going with products from vendors they already use.

Virtual desktops—once the most rigid, least friendly way to put applications in front of end users—have become a hot topic by promising to deliver the security and easy maintenance that was always desktop virtualization's strength. The trouble: Desktop virtualization now comes in so many varieties that even vendors confuse terms referring to the flavors.

Market leader Citrix Systems, now working hard to expand virtual desktops into roles that the company hasn't traditionally filled, rolled out a version of its Xen Desktop solution last fall that allowed customers to choose any of six major delivery methods.

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Competitor VMware is close behind, followed by Microsoft and a host of add-on vendors and open-source integrators offering similar approaches, bolstered from the other end of the client-hardware spectrum by thin- or zero-client virtualization products such as Pano Logic or NComputing.

Add to that the potential to stream apps to end users from external SaaS providers, access all or part of a virtual desktop from the cloud via platform-as-a-service, nestle a secure VM within an otherwise insecure personally owned iPad, smartphone or other gadget—and the choice gets very complicated, according to Chris Wolf, infrastructure and virtualization analyst at The Burton Group.

"Most of the companies that talk to me about [desktop virtualization] end up holding off because of the costs, especially licensing costs that usually made it about as expensive to leverage a full form-factor PC rather than a virtual desktop," according to Roger Johnson, technical lead for the Enterprise Systems Group at high-end audio/video reseller Crutchfield Media.

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