CES Day Zero: The Laptop with Two Brains, AT&T Goes Android and More

The big show in Vegas hasn't even officially started yet, but we've already seen new tablets, innovative cameras, and a speaker built into a light bulb.


Toshiba Cell TV with 3D Conversion Technology

Toshiba's new Cell TV debuts a new level of picture performance - it converts 2D gaming and video into video that looks like 3D.

Driven by a new proprietary eight-core processor called the Broadband Engine, the boost in processing power makes the Cell TV 143 times faster than most LCD TVs on the market today.

No pricing information is available yet, but the Cell TV should be available in stores in the third or fourth quarter of 2010.

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HP Touch Netbook and Tablet

The Hewlett-Packard Co. Mini 5102 is the first HP netbook to include a touch screen with two-finger capacitive touch technology.

Exciting features of the Mini 5012 include a 2 megapixel Webcam with face recognition, a 10-inch LED screen, and runs the touch-enabled Windows 7 operating system. The Mini 5102 starts at $399.

However, the big news from HP is its multi-touch Windows 7 tablet/slate PC that was unveiled by Steve Ballmer during his keynote presentation at CES.


Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Dual-Brain Laptop Hybrid

Lenovo's intriguing IdeaPad U1 is a hybrid tablet/laptop that features an ARM-based tablet that can dock into a CULV-based ultraportable notebook.

Put the two together and it's a laptop, or pull off the "monitor" and it's an ARM-based tablet.

Used conventionally, the 3.8-pound U1 runs Windows 7 on an Intel Core 2 Duo CULV processor and, reportedly, a 128GB solid-state drive.

Then pull off the 11.6-inch multi-touch-enabled screen, and it powers up as a full tablet in its own right. The IdeaPad U1 will be available June 1 at an estimated retail price of less than $1,000.

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AT&T Gets Android Phones

AT&T finally has something to brag about besides the iPhone. The carrier will debut five Android-based smartphones on their network in the first half of 2010.

While no models have been confirmed, at least one of the smartphones will be from Motorola. Another contender is a concept phone from Dell, the Dell Mini 3 (pictured here).

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Klipsch Light-Speakers System

The speakers from this interesting wireless system also hold an LED light and can be screwed into any lightbulb socket. This makes it very easy to have music all throughout the home--anywhere you can place a lightbulb.

You can send music from one source, like your iPod to one speaker, and from another source, such as your PC, to a different speaker. So far, however, a speaker can only work when its light is turned on.

The system with two LightSpeakers, transmitter and a remote costs $599 and is available now. Additional LightSpeakers are available for $249 each.

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LaCie LaCinema Mini HD Compact Wi-Fi Media Center

A video maniac's dream? The LaCie LaCinema Mini HD. This powerful box delivers full 1080p HD video to your HDTV of choice--and fits in the palm of your hand.

The LaCinema Mini HD, which packs a 500 GB hard drive, only weighs about a pound and is roughly the size of four or five CD jewel cases.

The company says the device, available now in Europe, will be available internationally via LaCie's online store and resellers this quarter for a $300 suggested retail price.

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AT&T Palm With WebOS

Continuing with the AT&T boom, two Palm webOS phones will soon be available on the network.

It has not yet been announced which phones AT&T will offer, so we could potentially see GSM versions of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi (pictured here). New hardware with larger displays would be ideal to show off the aesthetically-pleasing webOS.

AT&T has not yet confirmed the arrival date.

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Pioneer AVIC-X920BT

The Pioneer AVIC-X920BT in-dash navigation system allows users to scroll through menu items by dragging their fingers across the unit's 6.1-inch WVGA color display.

This new touch-slide interface also comes with a voice technology option, allowing many functions to be accessed without touching the unit at all. Fun features include MusicSphere technology that organizes the songs on your iPod into "mood-based" folders and ECO Driving technology that lets you know how "green" your driving is.

The AVIC-X920BT is priced at $1,200 and will become standard in Pioneer's 2010 mobile lineup.

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Rim BlackBerry Presenter

The Presenter is RIM's latest accessory for the BlackBerry. The tiny device connects to a projector or other display and wirelessly transfers PowerPoint presentations stored on your BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth.

There are no settings to worry about; the single, mounted button on top of the 3.4-inch x 2.4-inch device is used to put it to sleep, wake it up, or reset it to show a new presentation.

The Presenter also is compatible with a number of third-party Bluetooth-enabled devices and iis expected be available this month on RIM's ShopBlackBerry.com for $199.

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Microvision Showwx Pico Projector

Microvision's Showwx pico projector is a 12cm by 6cm device that connects to your laptop or smartphone and displays movies, PowerPoint presentations and other file types.

Microvision boasts that the Showwx is the first product that uses lasers to project the image, giving it a bright, WVGA-quality image that can be up to 200 inches across the diagonal in a darkened room.

The Showwx is set to go on sale in the U.S. in March for $500.

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Dane-Elec Myditto Remote Storage System

This clever storage device allows its users to access a myDitto server remotely just by inserting the included USB key into any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Once connected, the user will be able to access any of their myDitto server files remotely, with no configuration required at all. The product is due to hit stores this March for $249 for a 1TB server and two USB keys.


Casio High Speed Exilim EX-FH100

The new Casio Exilim EX-FH100 is a 10x-optical-zoom pocket camera with a high-speed burst mode that shoots up to 40 stills per second.

In video mode, it captures up to 1000 frames per second at a reduced 224-by-64 pixel resolution and also has the ability to shoot 720p HD video. This is Casio's first pocketable high-zoom camera with rapid-fire settings, making it one of the more exciting camera announcements we've seen at CES thus far.

Casio has not yet announced pricing or availability for the new Exilim cameras.

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Kingston SSD NowV Series 30GB Boot Drive

Kingston's new SSD NowV 30GB Boot Drive is designed for desktop users looking for the performance boost of SSD without the high price.

Just load the operating system and a few applications on the SSD, but keep all your photos, music, and videos on a regular hard disk drive. It works well with Windows 7's TRIM function.

The 2.5" drive will retail for $109.99 when it goes on sale this February.

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