The Top 100 IT Projects of 2009

If it ever was a question, 2009 put an end to any doubts about the resiliency of IT.

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Media Innovation Group Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Project lead: Brian Lesser, Vice President and General Manager Project description: The Media Innovation Group developed an advertising delivery platform based on technology from Netezza. Industry: Media

MetLife Initiative Project lead: Brian Cartwright, Director Project description: MetLife developed a centralized supercomputing grid for performing actuarial activities based on technology from Microsoft, Oracle, and Cognos. Industry: Insurance

MGM Mirage Enterprise IT Management Initiative Project lead: Tim Frawley, VP/CTO Project description: MGM Mirage centralized the governance and management of its 100,000-plus IT assets and services using the ITIL best-practices framework on a backbone of asset management solutions from CA. Industry: Entertainment

Mine Safety Appliances Storage Consolidation and Server Virtualization Initiative Project lead: Scott McCullough, Manager of Technical Operations Project description: Mine Safety Appliances consolidated its datacenter operations, establishing a virtualized environment built on technology from Citrix and NetApp in support of its Oracle-, SAP-, Lotus-, and Windows-based enterprise. Industry: Manufacturing

NetApp Enterprise Business Intelligence Project Project lead: Dongyan Wang, Senior IT Director, BI & Data Management Project description: NetApp launched a comprehensive BI initiative, developing an SOA-style framework based on technology from Oracle, Microsoft, and Cisco and a data warehouse built on Oracle 10g to pull in data from several upstream apps, including Siebel CRM, Oracle ERP, and PeopleSoft HRMS. Industry: Technology

The Nord Center Biometric Authentication and E-Forms Initiative Project lead: Chris Rojek, CIO Project description: The Nord Center transformed its documentation process into a fully electronic, biometrically authenticated system based on technology from Microsoft and Digital Persona. Industry: Health care

NYSE Euronext Datacenter Initiative Project lead: Steve Rubinow, Executive VP/Co-Global CIO Project description: NYSE Euronext launched an initiative to build out and consolidate datacenter operations, switching from a three-tier to a two-tier architecture, integrating the datacenters to legacy systems via Juniper switches and routers. Industry: Financial services

O2 Litmus SOA Initiative Project lead: James Parton, Head of O2 Litmus Project description: O2 Litmus unified its communications network around a software-based delivery platform that embraces WOA and SOA principles blended with native protocols. Industry: Communications infrastructure overhaul

Organic Valley Family of Farms Storage Consolidation Initiative Project lead: Curt Parr, Technical Services Manager Project description: Organic Valley Family of Farms, in partnership with Mocha Data and VMPowered, launched a storage efficiency initiative centered on NetApp technology in service of its VMware-based server environment. Industry: Agriculture

Peerless Foods Open Source Business Intelligence System Project lead: Adrian Hamilton, CIO Project description: Peerless Foods developed an ERP system based on open source software from Ingres and Jaspersoft, automating end-to-end business processes, including forecasting, ordering, production, packaging, and distribution. Industry: Retail

Pegasus Solutions Customer Reservation Initiative Project lead: Peter Ehlke, Principal Systems Engineer, Architecture Team Project description: Pegasus built RezView, a central reservation system based on Oracle RAC, Splunk, and OpenSolaris, migrating more than 8,000 hotels to the system. Industry: Services

ProcureStaff Technologies Human Capital Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Project lead: Allen Rittscher, President and CTO Project description: ProcureStaff launched a business intelligence and data warehouse initiative geared toward aggregating and cleansing human capital management data for BI analysis, tapping SQL Server, ETL packages based on SQL DTS, and various reporting, OLAP, and analytics technologies. Industry: Services

Purdue University Multi-Campus Supercomputing Initiative Project lead: John P. Campbell, Associate Vice President of IT Project description: Purdue built DiaGrid to pool unused compute cycles across several campuses using the open source Condor distributed computing system developed by the University of Wisconsin and CycleServer compute management functionality, pushing the total capacity of its supercomputing system to 177 teraflops. Industry: Education

Qwest Communications Web Portal Project lead: Rick Wertheimer, Program Manager; Betsy Keyes, Director of eMarketing Project description: Qwest, in partnership with EffectiveUI, consolidated 12 portals pulling data from more than 100 legacy systems into a unified online hub for large business customers Industry: Service provider

RCN Metro Order Management System Initiative Project lead: Christopher Lowe, Senior Director of IS/IT Project description: RCN Metro built a .Net-based order management system that leverages Oracle 11g on the back end and integrates into legacy NOC, trouble-ticketing, alarm-monitoring, material requisition, and billing systems. Industry: Service provider

Reliance Communications Web 2.0/SSO-Enabled Collaborative Platform Project lead: Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, CIO Project description: Reliance Communications developed a Web 2.0-based collaborative platform, unifying multiple, department-focused information architectures through use of SAP ERP, WebSphere, Intel servers, F5 load balancers, LDAP servers, single sign-on, and iGoogle as a design framework. Industry: Service provider

Reliance General Insurance Mobile Claims Management Initiative Project lead: Sriram Naganathan, Chief Technology and Operations Officer Project description: Reliance General developed a .Net-based claims management system around an SOA framework and extended this CMS in partnership with Vieva Intech to field agents via Web and SMS technologies. Industry: Insurance

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC High-Availability Video Surveillance Project lead: David Waggett, General Manager Project description: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC partnered with ADT and All Covered to deploy a leading-edge video surveillance system featuring 48 high-resulotion Mobotix Vision IP network cameras integrated with Overland NAS. Industry: Entertainment

SaveMart Virtualization Initiative Project lead: James Sims, CIO Project description: SaveMart standardized on VMware-based virtual-server environments as a result of its acquisition of 125 new grocery stores, scripting automated backup to NAS storage devices rather than more expensive SAN boxes. Industry: Retail

SaveMart Open Source Initiative Project lead: James Sims, CIO Project description: SaveMart migrated its retail operations from proprietary solutions to an open source-based architecture centered around Ingres and Suse Linux as a result of its acquisition of 125 additional grocery stores. Industry: Retail

Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center Enterprise Architecture Overhaul Project lead: Wes Wright, VP/CTO Project description: Seattle Children's Hospital overhauled its enterprise architecture tapping both virtualization technologies and modern OS and hardware from Citrix, VMware, EMC, Microsoft, Computer Associates, and Symantec, virtualizing more than 300 applications, and eliminating more than 100 physical servers. Industry: Health care

SNC Setao Storage Initiative Project lead: Olivier Parcollet, IT Manager Project description: SNC Setao revamped its Semtao transportation network's storage operations to meet expanding data demands, integrating technology from Pillar and Falconstor into its VMware/Oracle-based infrastructure. Industry: Transportation

Sohu Datacenter Infrastructure Initiative Project lead: Zhou Lin, Senior Director Project description: Sohu built out a next-generation datacenter architecuture based on technology from H3C to support the Sogou search engine. Industry: Services

Southwest Airlines Automated Flight Disruption Messaging Initiative Project lead: Fred Taylor, Senior Manager of Proactive Customer Service Communications Project description: Southwest Airlines developed an automated flight disruption messaging system based on a communications platform from Varolii, creating a SOAP-based gateway for real-time information exchange, front-end interfaces, and computer telephony integration hooks to call center agent apps. Industry: Transportation

State Street Infrastructure Transformation Project lead: Madge M. Meyer, Executive Vice President Project description: State Street overhauled its IT infrastructure, tapping server virtualization, VoIP, virtual tape libraries, high-availability storage, and Linux on the mainframe. Industry: Financial services

Sybase SOA Initiative Project lead: Jim Swartz, CIO Project description: Sybase transformed its revenue systems into an SOA using a blend of enterprise Java; open source frameworks, such as JSF, iBatis, and Hibernate; and custom frameworks, AJAX, and RosettaNet XML. Industry: Technology

Tata Consultancy Services Global Lifecycle Talent Management Project lead: Alok Kumar, Vice President/CIO Project description: Tata Consultancy Services developed a talent management system, tapping SOA and BPM engine technology to improve workforce planning, performance, and feedback for its 140,000-employee operations across 42 countries. Industry: Services

Thomson Reuters compumark.thomson.comIntellectual Property Workflow Automation Initiative Project lead: Betsy Hussin, Vice President, Product Development, Thomson CompuMark Project description: Thomson Reuters developed an AJAX-enabled workflow platform, integrating it into an SSO-enabled unified online environment. Industry: Services

U.S. Army Army Knowledge Online Security Monitoring Project lead: Earl Noble, Program Manager, AKO/DKO Project description: The U.S. Army overhauled its approach to securing the Army Knowledge Online/Defense Knowledge Online portal consolidating data from myriad devices and applications and integrating security monitoring technology from ArcSight into a variety of legacy systems. Industry: Government

University of Chicago Medical Center SOA Records Management and Governance Project lead: Ben Patel, Assistant Director, IT Project description: The University of Chicago Medical Center shifted its records management system to a services-based model, tapping technology from Layer 7 to provide security and governance. Industry: Health care

University of San Diego On-Campus Wireless Security Project Project lead: Douglas Burke, Director of Network and Telecommunication Services Project description: The University of San Diego embarked on a campuswide wireless security project, integrating technology from Aruba, CashNet, and Avenda Systems. Industry: Education

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra High-Availability Ticketing System Project lead: Debbie Marcus, Office Manager Project description: The Vancouver (British Columbia) Symphony Orchestra brought its online ticketing service in-house, centering its new, high-availability system around technology from Tessitura and Neverfail. Industry: Entertainment

Varian Medical Systems Mobile Support Initiative for Medical Devices Project lead: Matthew Morse, Senior IT Administrator Project description: Varian overhauled into mobile support for medical devices, replacing laptops with Zenprise-managed BlackBerry devices and developing a custom mobile service CRM app for the BlackBerry that enables service technicians to access the data necessary to diagnose and repair medical devices in the field. Industry: Health care

Wells Fargo & Co. Corporate Risk Assessment Automation Project lead: Ross Lillestol, Technology Manager, Enterprise Information Management Operations Project description: Wells Fargo developed an automated AJAX-based risk assessment system, integrating it with 80 .Net-based business apps in compliance with NIST and FFIEC standards. Industry: Financial services

Wells Fargo & Co. Business Process Management Initiative Project lead: Paul Tazbaz, Enterprise Architect Project description: Wells Fargo has undertaken a BPM initiative in the wake of its merger with Wachovia, integrating Tibco software with an open source reporting engine and business intelligence and reporting tools. Industry: Financial services

West Virginia University On-Campus Net Security Initiative Project lead: Stephen Belcher, Assistant Director of Network Operations Project description: West Virginia University launched a two-tiered on-campus Net applications security initiative blending security technology from Palo Alto Networks and Cisco to ensure availability of vital learning Web apps. Industry: Education

Westmont College Cloud Computing Initiative Project lead: Reed Sheard, Vice President, CIO Project description: Westmont College transformed its IT infrastructure to a cloud-centric one, migrating several systems to cloud-based services provided by Meraki, Google, Postini, and Industry: Education

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