by Al Sacco

‘Refined’ iPad Air 2 gets custom body, Qi wireless charging

Oct 08, 2015
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If the thought of owning an iPad Air 2 that looks just like everyone else's rubs you the wrong way — and you have $1,700 to burn — Brinell's new 'iPad Air 2 refined' is a lavish alternative.

Whether you’re a diehard Apple loyalist or you’ve never even touched a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you probably know the company makes some beautiful products. Top-tier design has always been one of Apple’s core values, and the new iPad Air 2 is a shining example of this ethos.

However, if matte metal and shiny glass simply aren’t your bag, and a bulky case won’t do the trick, Brinell’s new “iPad Air 2 refined” might be for you.

Brinell is a German company that makes a number of fashionable memory sticks and storage drives, all decked out in various types of wood, leather and other shiny baubles — and all quite pricey. On November 2, the company plans to release three customized versions of the iPad Air 2: one encased in Macassar ebony, a rare dark wood; one in Napa leather; and another with a carbon fiber finish. The customized iPad Air appears to have some sort of metal plating that runs the length of it top and bottom when held horizontally, as well.

The iPad Air 2 refined from Brinell supports Qi wireless charging, so you never have to plug it in to power it up, which is a nice touch. A Brinell logo also sits atop the device’s display. Other than that, it appears to be the same as any other iPad Air, with the exception of the hefty price tag.

The 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Air 2 refined costs at €1,499, or about $1,700. That’s $1,200 more than Apple charges for its stock, $500 Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 with 16GB of storage. So Brinell’s luxury comes at a significant price. The company’s site doesn’t offer any sort of size or weight specifications, so it’s unclear just how much heft the customization adds to the latest iPad Air.

Brinell says it’s accepting preorders, though I don’t currently see any way to place one on its website. Check out for more details.