5 Smartwatch Apps You Should Bring to Work

BrandPostBy Josh Erwin
Oct 21, 2015

smartwatch apps for work

According to Business Insider, the wearable computing market will reach 148 million units by 2019, and each day more companies are throwing more devices throw into the proverbial ring. Apple, Google (or rather, Google’s army of OEMs) and Microsoft are all fighting a battle for your wrist, and one of the most important fronts of that battle is the workplace.

Enterprise technology isn’t just big business: it’s HUGE business. And while smartwatches may not have had their watershed moment in the workplace just yet, there are already several apps out there that can have an impact on your professional life if you’ve already taken the plunge on a smartwatch.

Here are 5 smartwatch apps you should definitely be using at work:

1)     Todoist

Todoist is a cloud-based task management application that allows you to create and manage your to-do’s across various projects either alone or collaboratively with a team. Todoist also features a smartwatch app for Android Wear that provides notifications, a daily digest of your upcoming projects and the ability to easily send tasks and lists from the web to your wrist. For those juggling a lot of tasks, the Todoist smartwatch app gives you one more tool to help you stay organized and productive.

2)     Evernote

I’m guessing I probably don’t have to tell you what Evernote is, as the cloud-based note application has been around for basically forever in Internet terms. Evernote’s smartwatch integration is a prime example of developers having to dramatically rethink their functionality for this new interaction paradigm. The Evernote team knew that trying to recreate the experience wholesale on a watch would be impossibly cumbersome, so instead they focused on creating hyper-productive 3-5 second interactions for their Apple Watch application. You can quickly dictate ideas as they come to you, voice search across all of your notes for that key piece of information or simply check off items from a checklist, all from your wrist.

3)     iMeet Agenday

iMeet Agenday by PGi is a smart calendar application that aggregates all of your various personal and professional calendars into a single streamlined interface. It also provides notifications and additional information such as the LinkedIn profiles of guests in your upcoming meetings, weather forecasts, driving directions to off-site meetings and one-touch access to web and audio conferences. For smartwatches, iMeet Agenday features apps for both Apple Watch and Android Wear, with features like notifications, a countdown to your next meeting and the ability to send “Running Late” messages to all of your attendees directly from the watch.

4)     Salesforce

The CRM juggernaut Salesforce has an entire suite of wearable applications designed to bring its analytics and notifications to the next generation of mobile sales and marketing professionals. For Apple Watch users, Salesforce provides integration with both its Analytics Cloud and its Salesforce1 Mobile App, providing at-a-glance access to insights and dashboards, critical notifications to stay on top of business priorities and the ability to easily “hand-off” from your watch to your iPhone.

5)     Trello

Trello is another application designed to help you organize your tasks and projects, however Trello is based around a card interface not unlike that you’d see on a physical scrum board. In addition to reminders, Trello for Android Wear also allows you to respond to notifications via voice and create new cards for your projects on the go, ensuring that you never miss an essential piece of your productivity puzzle.

So there you have it, five companies on the cutting edge of the wearables at work revolution. Are you using any of these already? Sound off in the comments below.

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