by Jim Lynch

6 spooky iOS Halloween games

Oct 23, 2015
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Scare yourself with these six frightening iOS Halloween games!

Scare yourself silly with these 6 iOS games

Halloween is nearly here and it’s time for some chills and thrills on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch! Scare yourself silly with six of the spookiest iOS Halloween games.

You’ll battle zombies, try to escape from total darkness, guide a ghoul though many dangers, attempt to find your way out of a haunted asylum and delve deep into a haunted mansion to discover its evil secrets. And you’ll even become a ghost yourself as you try to terrify the inhabitants of a town.

Can you survive these dangerous and terrifying iOS Halloween games? Only the shadow knows…

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

6 walking dead

Flesh-hungry zombies abound in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land! Can you survive with hordes of these deadly walkers surrounding you in this creepy RPG for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

Daryl Dixon will teach you how to survive, but ultimately it’s just you against a vast army of hungry walkers that want to devour your flesh! Good luck because I think you’re going to need it…desperately.

Lost Within

4 lost within

Can you survive being trapped in a haunted asylum with horrific creatures? If you want to live you’ll need to discover the mystery of the asylum while you desperately run, hide or create weapons to fight for your life.

But beware of the legendary killer that is lurking somewhere inside the asylum. Sooner or later you’ll have to confront him and only one of you will survive.

There’s only one way out of this creepy asylum, can you find it?

Dark Echo

1 dark echo

Dark Echo is a minimalist game that traps you in darkness, and the only way out is to use visualized sound to find your way through dangerous environments. Each sound you make will bounce off objects, thus showing you what the world looks like.

But beware of what will find you as you make your way through Dark Echo. Along the way you’ll need to explore, figure out puzzles and try frantically to stay alive.

And you are not alone…there is something truly evil lurking in the darkness…and it wants to find you.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

2 haunt the house terror

In this game you’ll be the one doing the scaring! It’s your job to haunt a town in the dead of night. How many people can you scare in one night as you possess various objects? Haunt the House: Terrortown is a side-scrolling action puzzle game that puts you in the starring role of a terrifying ghost.

Are you spooky enough to scare the denizens of the town? You’ll need to be as you try to frighten them away from a hospital, museum, theater and even a cruise ship.

Le Vamp

3 le vamp

An angry mob is out to get a fun loving ghoul, can you protect him from their wrath? Be careful, you’ll need to save him from sun, water and other dangers. Your job is to get him back to his crypt, safe and sound.

Le Vamp offers neat power-ups, fun challenges and upgrade options for your ghoul. You can even send and receive power-ups and francs in Le Vamp with your Facebook friends.

Watch out for the sunbeams or Le Vamp’s goose will be cooked!

Til Morning’s Light

5 til mornings light

Til Morning’s Light puts you in the role of Erica Page, a teenage girl who is trapped in a haunted mansion that is beset by a 200-year-old curse. You’ll have to explore the huge mansion and discover its evil secrets as you seek a way out before your doom finds you.

Along the way you’ll find clues, weapons and tools that you can use to solve puzzles and battle supernatural monsters. But don’t dawdle too long inside the mansion, Erica has to find a way out before dawn or she will become a ghost herself!