by Adam Dennison

CIO magazine makes the digital leap

Oct 29, 2015
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Just like its readers, <i>CIO</i> magazine is undertaking its own digital transformation. The Nov. 1, 2015, issue is the last one in print, but the same sorts of content about technology, strategy and leadership will be available at

CIO is taking a huge step in its own digital transformation: The November 1, 2015, issue of CIO magazine is our final edition in print. I’ve been in high-tech media since 2000, and one of my goals starting out was to become publisher of CIO. I was fortunate enough to achieve this in 2009. I want to thank all of you for being such loyal readers and active participants in our success over the years. Even more importantly, I want to reassure you that we’ll continue providing great business technology content for the IT leadership community.

CIO’s Maryfran Johnson and I will continue hosting our series of nine regional CIO Perspectives events, and each August we’ll honor 100 of the most innovative IT organizations at our annual CIO 100 Symposium and Awards ceremony. On, our writers and editors will continue covering a wide range of enterprise technologies, emerging trends and management issues, along with the leadership and strategy stories that made CIO so influential with all of you.

As a brand, CIO also hosts more than 150 custom events each year, smaller gatherings where we discuss business and IT issues and compare enterprise strategies. I encourage you to attend these intimate get-togethers when we come to your cities. I’ve moderated dozens of these sessions and have always been impressed by the high level of learning, sharing and camaraderie among CIOs and other IT leaders.

Other great ways to stay connected are to sign up for our CIO Insider newsletter ( or join our Insider program (, which provides premium content such as in-depth articles, expert advice and research reports.

I know this leap to digital is a shift in the way you think about CIO. Most, if not all, of the print magazines in tech media have closed their doors in recent years, and we bucked the trend to go all-digital longer than most.

But we’ve written and talked about digital transformation so much over the past few years, it’s time for us to participate in the same challenges and successes our readers are experiencing. I believe the interactions we have through our online offerings — and the face-to-face relationships we enjoy at our events — will keep our connection with the CIO community strong. Providing CIOs with value will always be our primary mission.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, and I look forward to our ongoing conversations about leadership, change and the future.